Full Blooded Man

I looked at the handsome man sitting opposite me. He was a dead-ringer for Idris Elba, but he wasn’t him. Dan was gorgeous. We’d met for a drink and nothing else; he just wanted to get a feel for what I was like to talk to, and whether or not there was any chemistry.

I’d decided after a third of a glass of Chardonnay, I would screw Dan easily hell you’d be hard fetched finding a London escort who would not. I could even imagine sitting on top of him, impaled, and thinking about how ghostly I looked against the burnished copper tones of his skin. I had a feeling he was attracted to me too, but he wasn’t flirtatious in any way. Curiosity was his preferred game.

I’d already indicated I would not reveal past clients, nor would I divulge any lusty “scenarios”. Dan looked at me for the first time with a glint in his eye.
“So, are there boundaries?” I looked at him and cocked my head. “We agree what is to happen up-front. I’ll accept a few kinks but no violence, or serious BSDM; no cutting or full-body tying up. Apart from that, unlike many of the girls in London professional escorts like me will do pretty much everything.”

I decided to let him know the reality of most clients. “Actually, it isn’t always exciting. Sometimes, it is a quick missionary session over in minutes. Other times, there may be another girl or someone watching. Some clients just want me to go to the theatre or go for a meal and there is no sex involved.”

It was Dan’s turn to cock his head. “Where along that spectrum do you think I fit?”

I laughed at the question. “I think you are a full-blooded man with needs to be fulfilled.”

Dan smiled, looked down and said nothing. When he looked up, he said quickly, “I want company. I think I like talking and if there is chemistry, at the right time, then sex might feature. I haven’t decided yet.”

That prompted my next question. I took another slow slip of wine first. I knew he was waiting for my move.

“What would prompt that decision to be made?”

Dan smiled and caught the bar assistant as he walked by. “Can I have a Becks please?” I shook my head as Dan looked to see if I wanted another glass of wine. “I don’t drink much to be honest. I like to be clear of mind.”

Dan nodded. “I like that about you.”


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