I Was As Nervous As The Day

I felt nervous as I stood in the lift with David, but I think that was more of a reflection of how he was feeling. We had plenty of time, so I was mentally prepared for a long session. He let me go in first, and dimmed the lights. I stood there, until I realised he had a suite and he took me through to the sofa and table, where he had a bottle of Prosecco chilling in a bucket, along with two glasses. He had thought a lot about this.

“Were you born in West London?” he asked, as I slipped off my coat and placed it on the hangar. “No, I’m from the Home Counties. What about you?”

David looked over as he opened the Prosecco skilfully, without a single spill. I sat down on the sofa, swinging my shoes off the end of my toes, trying to appear as confident as I could, but this guy unnerved me. Sasha the owner of the escorts agency had passed his details onto me, and I wondered if she knew him better than she’d let on.

He sat down next to me, but left some distance between us. “I was born in Peru actually, but my mother is British and my father is American. It’s a long story, and if this goes well, perhaps I’ll tell you more another time.”

Okay, he wanted to become a regular. I sipped my wine and the bubbles teased my nostrils. I smiled and carefully asked. “What would your definition of ‘well’ be then?”

David finished his wine and knelt down in front of me, making my heart race just that little bit more. He was handsome and there was no wedding ring. I wondered what he was doing, but the swinging of my feet must have been quite distracting to him and he took off my shoes. Then, he looked up at the shape of my well-honed calves slowly. “Perhaps, as you say, we should just be intuitive.”

I was as nervous as the day I’d become an escort in London and could not work out why!


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