Putting the Pleasure Back Into Business

business like escort at bottom of stairs

Sacha’s eyes darted around the room. She was taking in as many faces as possible; establishing the lay of the land as quickly as she could before Steve inevitably requested her attention again.

As expected, he grabbed the dent of her arm, smiled at her warmly, and guided her gently through the sea of colleagues, clients and hangers-on. His offices looked decadent tonight. The party planners had gone to town with this one, Sacha thought to herself. As an escort in London she’d been on plenty of corporate dates before, but she was always surprised to see how much thought went into these kinds of parties. Hundreds of balloons lined the stairs of the reception hall, and in amongst the throng she could just about make out the tell-tale whites of event waiters, complete with their sparkling champagne glasses and bite-sized hors d’oeuvres.

“James!” Steve shouted above the noise, with that commanding tone that never failed to send a tingle of pleasure straight down her spine every time they met.

“I’d like to introduce you to Sacha, my latest squeeze!”

James, a short, soft, cuddly bear of a man with a corporate glint in his eye that conflicted with his friendly-looking exterior, turned around. His mouth widened with surprise.

“Steve! How on earth did you manage that?” he barked back, looking Sacha up, down, and eventually settling none-too-subtly on her breasts, which were elegantly displayed in a stunning plunge-neck dress.

Sacha smiled politely, and Steve squeezed her arm. He loved the envy that oozed from everyone who set eyes on his escort.

Several hours later, the 20th anniversary party was in full swing. Shots lined the tables, managers had loosened their ties, and the music’s volume was creeping up in an attempt to drown out the shrieks and giggles of the crowd.

As yet another associate side-stepped out of their conversation, Steve and Sacha stopped for a moment to catch their breath at the bottom of the main staircase. Sacha felt hesitance from her left hand side, and looked inquisitively up at her date, as if giving him permission to speak.

“There’s something I’ve always wanted to do, you know,” Steve murmured, conscious of the unexpected closeness of another couple who had decided to perch themselves merely a metre away.

“Oh? What’s that?”

“Why don’t we get away from all these people for a few minutes? Just the two of us?”

She shrugged, with that cute little lop-sided smile that Steve loved.

He led her up what seemed to be endless floors of stairs. As they climbed, in total silence, the chaos of the party seemed to blend into background noise.

They reached what Sacha assumed was an office. Sure enough, Steve opened the door, and in front of them lie a large, solid-looking desk. The walls were lined with paperwork, and Sacha couldn’t help but notice the impressive bay windows that gave them both an incredible view out into London from the sixth floor of the building.

“This is where I work,” Steve said.

Before she could say another word, he had lifted her behind onto the edge of the desk. Sacha squealed in surprise, then hummed in appreciation as his hand slid underneath her skirt and teased her inner thigh.

There was a bang from outside the door, and a shrill female laugh. The two of them paused for a second, fully expecting the door to swing open. A heartbeat later, they heard shouts from further down the corridor, and listened intently as two sets of footsteps faded slowly back down into the thick of it.

After such a brief stab of danger, Sacha was more than ready. Steve sensed it, and before long, he was feeling it, too.

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