Elegant busty competition

My head was hurting and so was my heart. Yes, that’s a surprise escort love, isn’t it? I think the guy, Josh, I liked at the London Stonemason’s bar is seeing someone. I was going to pop in with Anna, but I saw him in Fortnum and Masons, with a woman, and she looked so elegant and refined with her full-bosomed figure, that it made me feel dirty and sordid. That is another first. I really don’t mind what I do, but when I think I like someone, it turns out that they actually have a partner, or are married, I feel quite sorry for myself.

I hopped in the bath and scrubbed myself with Origins bath scrub. It always made my skin feel soft and silky afterwards. I lounged there and tried not to think negative thoughts, but every time I closed my eyes, Josh’s face came into view. I knew then I would have to go into the bar again. I would make myself look ravishing and hope that he would pop in. That was one thing out of the way.

I soaped the shaving cut on my knee and realised that my head hurt because I had actually bumped it on the low ceiling at a coaching inn I frequented with another friend, Franz, near Bath the week before. It did have a sign to “duck” but I didn’t think I was tall enough. I even reddened when half the pub muttered a collective “aww,” in sympathy. Anyway, my head was still a little sore, whilst my ego was bruised.

So I dried myself with my lovely Harrods bathrobe. I get through one every year in this job and slowly massaged body cream all over my legs, knees, feet and arms. I tend not to rub it anywhere else as it’s so rich, and it tends to make me overly-perspire when making love. I use that term loosely.

I was going out for a meal with a client tonight followed by a “meeting” in his hotel room. Even though he was divorced, he could not bear the thought of being tied down to just one woman, so he alternated between my escort services and the company of two busty women friends, who did not know about each other. One day, this guy will come a cropper, just like I did last week.



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