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Callie had left two messages but I had been away. Apparently I had been recommended by someone she knew. She had a problem with her boyfriend and wanted me to help the situation.

An escort who is known to deliver above a clients expectations, I sometimes get messages like this and I either ignore and delete them if I don’t think the plea sounds genuine, or if it sounds like too much hassle. In this scenario, the edge of desperation in this girl’s London accent was compelling.

I rang the mobile number and Callie herself answered. I explained who I was and the fact I had been away. She told me her boyfriend, Rob, was stressed out and Callie had mentioned a three-some to spice things up.

We talked through options and she booked me in. I knew there was a deeper issue here. It wasn’t for me to rescue a relationship, but if it would help them to spice up their life, I would help out.

It’s now the day after we met and I’m sipping a coffee and looking at the daily commuters meandering their way to their boring office jobs. I’ve also been thinking about what happened last night, with a wry smile.

After a long discussion it all boiled down to the fact that Rob wanted to be A-adventurous but Callie was not interested, as she thought it would hurt. I talked through how to do it and allowed Rob to mount me and try it out, but only for a few minutes.

I think I’d shown her how it could be both pleasurable and how she might stimulate him in the a-region too. Rob wasn’t as keen to try so I pointed out that had been Callie’s issue too. He reluctantly allowed me to stimulate him until he realised he actually liked this sensation. I did not let him reach a climax, but he left with the knowledge that he was capable of achieving that.

Callie was harder to work with. Slightly prim, she wasn’t that experienced and Rob was her first boyfriend, at the grand old-age of twenty-two.

I also worked out that they had also stuck to the missionary position, so bedroom entertainment had appeared like a chore. I helped them into various positions and joined in for a while. Eventually, I left them happily bonking away and felt pleased I had guided both of them through their first ever A-level session.


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