He was huge

Pierre was French, as you can imagine with a name like that. I’d met him at a function and after he’d cosied up for a while, he explained he was unhappily married. I’d passed him a card and asked him to ring me, but only if he meant business. He was under no illusion about that I meant escorts business.

By this point, I think he was so ready for sex, that he would have taken me there and then. However, it never worked like that. He turned the card over and over again in his hand. “Magda Farquharson, I like that name,” Pierre whispered. “Tomorrow morning, I’ll ring you at ten in the matin.” I knew he meant morning, so did not correct him.

Sure enough, Pierre rang and we talked. He wanted to see me that evening as he would be going home the next day. I liked how he wanted to dine with me in a Michelin-starred London restaurant, and I had even heard of the chef even though I had never tried his cuisine, I browsed the menu and knew what I would choose. I really perked up at the thought of a 5 star hotel and excellent cuisine; a very pleasing outcome. Then we would go to a bar and head back to his room, situated in the same hotel.

I think my soul must have floated upwards as I dined on a black truffle risotto with a marscapone sauce, followed by Cornish monkfish and a fennel cream, with tiny salted potatoes. I ate a chocolate mousse with dark and white chocolate with a green mint layer at the bottom. Pierre was entertaining and his English was actually rather good. When I spoke back to him in French, he was surprised. I had studied French for ten years before coming to London and starting the escorting and every time I visited, I took the opportunity to speak it.

When we had finished, we drank coffee in a private lounge area, which appeared to be a couple only zone. It was truly luxurious and very discreet.

We headed upstairs and Pierre held my hand. “You are so beautiful,” he crooned as he nuzzled into my neck.

I went into the bathroom to prepare myself and came out to find Pierre naked in front of the closed curtain. “I thought it better to close them.” I could not help but stare. This guy was huge. Pierre noticed my expression. “I will be careful for you. I know it must be a surprise. You have the same expression as my wife did when she first saw me.”

At that comment, I burst out laughing and he started to laugh too.


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