Utilising The Services of an Escort

I woke up feeling groggy. The night before someone had slipped a vodka into my second ‘Pom Collins’. I wasn’t hungover, but for London escort girls mixing drinks is never a good idea. I was working tonight. I had a client only a stone’s throw away in Chelsea.

Josh had already left. I’d left a ‘good luck’ note for him on the freezer in magnetised letters. I think he’d be pleased I had not forgotten – last night was raunchy when we returned from club London.

It was his first day working for Sasha as one of her assistants. He’d negotiated a good pay rate and was only working the hours to suit his needs. In fact, he’d shown me the contract. I’d told him to go back and re-negotiate the on-call rate as it wasn’t enough. He would definitely be called out, so he needed to be compensated for the fact. Almost doubling the rate was a triumph for Josh. He had no further financial insecurities and he could manage his free time better too.

I often wondered what it would be like to live a life of luxury. Now I know. We had a gorgeous flat in a high net-worth London location, a job which like most good escorts really excited me, and a boyfriend I adored.

I seemed to have it all, but the only thing which really bothers me, is the fact Josh is still under Sasha’s control for now. A personal shopper is one thing, but she was a manipulator. I’d keep an eye on things for him.

I had to get up so I walked into the wet room adjoining the master bedroom. I would now take my breakfast on the roof terrace, whilst planning the order of my soft furnishings deliveries. My third bedroom was the space I worked in three days a week now. I loved how I had my own workshop now. I headed up to the roof terrace and heard my phone beep. It was Josh. “I’m at Harrods, buying the Russians various delights from the Food Hall. Do you want me to pick anything up?”

So, we had a conversation and I felt an unease creep through me when he mentioned Dimitri’s name. He was a client of mine and a direct one at that. I only hoped he would be utilising the services of another escort as I was usually booked a month in advance. I couldn’t dwell on this, not now. I had work to complete.

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