Unexpected Date

“Good evening, French Kiss Agency for escorts in London, Kate speaking.”

“Evening Kate, it’s Madeleine. Look, Duncan was a no show.” said Madeleine tapping her fingers on the bar.

“No message has been left with us and half an hour is more than reasonable for you to wait.” said Kate “Looks like you get a fully paid night off luv.”

“Anything for tomorrow night?”

“No, sorry luv.”

“Thanks Kate, let me know if anything comes up for the weekend after next.”

“Will do honey, bye.”

Barely a minute after she got into her car the mobile rang. Maybe they had already lined up some work for the weekend.

“Hi Kate.”

“Hello again, You wanted some more work this evening and I have something for you. A client who pays double just for the luxury of short notice. Can you meet him now at a London hotel of his choice?” asked Kate.

“Yes of course” said Madeleine thinking that there would be no wining and dining; just straight to business, “Ok, where, and what’s his name?”

“Benedict.” said Kate “I’ll just deduct our fee from Duncan’s payment if that’s okay?”

“Benedict?” asked Madeleine.

The man’s eyes traced her body but his expression did not change from cool politeness. His eyes lingered on her perky breasts half-visible through her transparent shirt.

“Indeed, and you must be Maddie?” responded the man, his accent was polite and very posh.

“Is there anything in particular you would like from me?” asked Madeleine.

“First I would like you to remove your clothing,” said Benedict going over to sit on the bed.

Madeleine was efficient divesting herself of clothing but his eyes still lingered on her.

He liked what he saw judging by the erection he was sporting.

“Would you like me to suck that for you?” asked Madeleine.


Madeleine slid to her knees took the condom from him and slipped it on, slowly and luxuriantly. She watched his eyes the whole time and he stared back at her.

She parted her lips and traced her tongue around his manhood, like the majority of high end escorts in London Maddie loved her job.

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