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Life is about having fun and enjoying every moment to its fullest. I moved to London some time ago and got to experience a whole new life, filled with more wonderful things than I could have ever imagined. In the escort industry, there’s a multitude of different things to be enjoyed. For starters, I’ve got some of the best clients imaginable, not only ones who are always showering me with gifts, but ones who I truly consider friends. This is what makes my job as much fun as it is. The fact that I get to meet people from all walks of life. The fact that I get to make new friends, ones who care about me and always want to see me be just as happy as I make them.

It doesn’t matter what we do when we’re together because a good time is what always happens in the end. I like to talk to my clients and find out what’s going on with them. I like to know about their week, how work was and even what many would call the most boring details, are the things that interest me. During these conversations, I usually engage my clients in a sensual massage with nicely scented oils to add an extra special touch. This is something that’s not only relaxing for them, it’s exceptionally relaxing for me as I get to be the reason why my clients are rid of some of the stress that has piled on them throughout the week. And, everyone knows that a long work week can definitely take a toll. But that’s why I, the beautiful London girl Francesca, am here- to be the stress reliever that these wonderful men so desperately need when they visit an escort.

After the massage, we usually do a bit more chatting before getting into a bit of trouble and having A LOT of fun. Sometimes, however, depending on how naughty my clients have been, I’ll let them wait it out for a while and tease them in ways only I can. This of course is incredibly fun for me. Sometimes they’ll beg, other times they’ll bargain and I’ve even had a few of my clients flip things around and have me do the begging. Either way, in the end, they always get what they want. Why? Because I’m not the kind of girl that likes to disappoint- I never have been and never will be.

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