2018-05-17 Monika review submited by Iann (28 reviews)
Great experience with Monica,make me feel amazing

2018-05-09 Emma review submited by Jmss (3 reviews)
Emma is a gem, beautiful inside and out. She put me at ease immediately with her warm demeanor, and kept me comfortable for the duration of our time together. She is beautiful, sweet, and intelligent—lovely to chat and good at what she does.. Thank you Emma !!! Best wishes for your future ,thanks a lot ....

2018-05-09 Ashley review submited by Mike (1 review)
Firstly she's gorgeous - just amazing looking. Pics very accurate. And seems like a nice person. But this wasn't a good appointment. I think it could well be my fault - she said that she doesn't take half hour bookings, but the receptionist had encouraged her to see me, but she was really brusque and half hearted. It all felt rather rude and functional and not fun.

2018-05-07 Laura review submited by Rob (37 reviews)
Laura it’s amazing girl I don’t have to say so many You can see than other reviews... Very beautiful Friendly

2018-05-02 Laura review submited by Ander (36 reviews)
Laura it’s a very cute girl Lovely She looks amazing nice legs Bad ass x Recommend x

2018-04-28 Izadora review submited by Rodrigo (8 reviews)
She is very welcoming and beautiful ..stunning! Recommend her!

2018-04-21 Emma review submited by Mr V (2 reviews)
I spend 6h with Emma, she is a dream women, very sexy, delightfull, young lady with a great attitude, she was focussed on me from the first moment.Thanks a lot !!!

2018-04-19 Monika review submited by Issa (27 reviews)
So pretty girl, very sweet with outstanding attitude nice to met you again Monik????

2018-04-13 Laura review submited by J (35 reviews)
She definitely it’s the best escort I ever see Gorgeous and beautiful Nice attitude ,friendly She knows how make you happy Kisses Laura see you soon Highly recommended xx

2018-04-11 Fatima review submited by Pat (1 review)
Lovely elegant and tall! Very nice and had a great time!

2018-04-02 Rita review submited by Anders (1 review)
Pretty girl with marvellous body. She was very sweet and attentive to my needs, took good care of me. Rita gave me a true GFE, even though I´m almost 60. Warmly recommended.

2018-03-31 Laura review submited by B (34 reviews)
Very beautiful girl I spend amazing 2 h with her She it’s absolutely gorgeous xx highly recommend Laura

2018-03-17 Monika review submited by A.P (26 reviews)
Super girl!! Very very sexy nice face,and body thanks to met me

2018-03-15 Demi review submited by David Davis (1 review)
She's more amazing than imaginable. She cares about what she does and cares about giving you the best time. Its as close to Real GFE than you can imagine. She will leave you with memories for weeks to come. On top of that looks amazing and a great warm personality.

2018-03-10 Laura review submited by Adam (32 reviews)
An amazing girl with awesome looks & a sparkling personality !! She is able to hold an excellent English conversation. Looks as good as her pictures. Words just can't describe her mind-blowing performance. She is a real diamond who should be charging much more than £200 per hour !! Treat her well & you will see that she can deliver. Thanks

2018-03-08 Linda review submited by Nilo (2 reviews)
Lovely lady, welcoming, relaxed and friendly. Very cute, as in pictures, with those beautiful breasts. No FK but sexy and engaged, oral skills very good, definitely had me boning hard, and 2 rounds was easy. I felt we had a good connection and enjoyed each other. Thanks Linda.

2018-03-07 Monika review submited by Jacob (25 reviews)
Exceptionally friendly and excellent company from start to the end

2018-02-22 Salma review submited by Dexter (1 review)
A truly ‘elite’ lady. Wonderful personality, great sense of humoit. Sensational owo. those lips and that body is something else. WOW. A must see.

2018-02-22 Laura review submited by J (31 reviews)
Laura it’s the most sexy girl I met So beautiful x When you see her smile you want spend more time with her x Kiss

2018-02-22 Linda review submited by John (1 review)
Very beautiful girl Very natural and lots of experience,I love to see her again!

2018-02-20 Laura review submited by Kevin (30 reviews)
Laura is beautiful, friendly, and made me feel like a prince, a 35 year old prince (; grazie Bellissima!! Laura has a gorgeous body and I will probably sleep tonight dreaming about holding her a little longer. I hope that our paths will cross again soon.

2018-02-18 Emma review submited by Mark (1 review)
Emma is very friendly, she is very sexy with a great smile, make me feel so relaxing thx a lot see you soon !!!

2018-02-16 Laura review submited by Darian (29 reviews)
She is the BEST. No competition. Wonderful person and smoking hot. Loving the new huge tv ;)

2018-02-07 Laura review submited by P (28 reviews)
Meet Laura on the morning She it’s so beautiful whithout make up so natural Friendly good services she make you to fell very good Highly recommended xx

2018-02-07 Laura review submited by S (27 reviews)
Stunning girl Amazing and beautiful It’s second time when I saw Laura and I’m very happy Best girl in the tine kisses

2018-02-07 Delisha review submited by Jon (12 reviews)
The best hour of my life, nuff said!

2018-02-03 Erika review submited by Jeremy (6 reviews)
Erika has the perfect body, and she loves to show it off. She looks exactly like her pictures which a big turn on. She greeted me in a transparent dress through which you can see her sexy lingerie; as soon as I enter the door, she started kissing me with passion. Just wow! She enjoys being naughty and sexy and most important she knows how to entrainment the atmosphere. A perfect combination between GFE and PSE.

2018-02-01 Tatiana review submited by Marc (2 reviews)
10/10 - Tatiana is excellent company. I was a bit nervous having had one or two bad experiences with some girls. But any nerves were left at the door as Tatiana is a natural at putting you at ease. Lots of smiles, good humour (good English), she is a real 'girl next door'. She seemed a little curvier (in the right places) than her photos, which was a nice bonus and slightly distracting :) . The hour flew by and I had a 'happy ending' (delivered in true GFE style, with warmth and feeling, not some cold ritual to get you out the door. Thank you T). Just to complete the picture, bedroom and bathroom were clean and modern, so perfect there too. Thank you Tatiana, it was a real pleasure meeting you and we will do it again, definitely.

2018-01-31 Nelly review submited by Adam (1 review)
I saw Nelly today after a busy day at work and she surprised with her good vibes and her smile. She looks amazing and her toned tanned body makes you forget about all your worries. See you again beautiful! Xxx

2018-01-31 Alma review submited by Mike Davis (3 reviews)
Alma had it all. Could not imagine a more perfect all round experience. Plus she's intelligent and fluent in English and fun to talk to but of course it's not the main reason you want to be with her. Fulfils all dreams.

2018-01-26 Laura review submited by K (26 reviews)
so beautiful and natural Girl with amazing body slim , she have a beautiful smile ???? Highly recommend this girl she have only selfies what I mean you know she it’s ! when you go there Spend with her amazing 4 h Hope to see you soon Laura kisses

2018-01-26 Rebeka review submited by Abdul (1 review)
Wow! She is very very pretty,nice And sexy! She is very friendly, she has nice as And big boobs she is very clean she give me a very Good time And he make me very happy! I will come back to her very soon?? Higly recommended!!!

2018-01-20 Laura review submited by Tiger (25 reviews)
Stunning girl with fantastic body. Pounding her for dear life from the back was to die for. Warning...she is so hot!

2018-01-18 Monika review submited by Arash (23 reviews)
Best gfe i ever seen till now!I would really love to see her again in the futute thanks Monica

2018-01-18 Lea review submited by Nico (3 reviews)
Arrived at her place stressed after busy day. Lea put me at ease straight away and Such a beautiful girl. Stayed for 90 mins and sad to not stay longer. Lea is an amazing companion, super sexy and creative. I can’t wait till I see her again.

2018-01-17 Laura review submited by Ahmen (24 reviews)
I can’t believe how beautiful it’s Laura She it’s amazing girl good attitude friendly Good services x see you soon Laura was nice to meet you

2018-01-15 Pamela review submited by David (17 reviews)
Pamela is so lovely.Such a beautiful face she go.I’m totally happy about the time we spended togheder and how this girl can bring you in such an amaizing feeling!!Definitly the best!!

2018-01-13 Roxy review submited by Sam (1 review)
Roxy was so welcoming and sexy, I had the best time with her. I will be seeing her again for sure !! She is amazing

2018-01-03 Anushka review submited by Peter (2 reviews)
Contrary to previous review, Anushka's selfies are indeed her. Her face in the professional shots are a bit touched up. However she is a little more chubby than in her picture. Nevertheless, I had a very nice hour with Anushka. I found her welcoming, funny, polite and friendly, and would consider seeing her again.

2017-12-27 Pamela review submited by Steve (16 reviews)
Amaizing young lady with such a good vibe.she looks the same like her selfies so she is for real the girl from the pictures.I just can say that i got amaizing time and for sure i will see Pamela time to time

2017-12-17 Laura review submited by Matty (23 reviews)
I don't need to mention what Laura looks like. You can see the photos and they don't lie. And I don't need to comment on what it is like to spend time with her. Read her other reviews - they will tell you all you need to know. Being with her is a delight. I could write pages on the softness of her skin, the perfect shape of her breasts, her breathtaking legs and body, her fantastic personality and sense of humour and the sexy things she does so well. Just like me, you will be captivated with her in every way. So let me just mention her eyes. You will gaze into them and lose yourself in a sea of erotic passion. She will tell you that her eyes aren't beautiful but you and I know - and she knows - that those beautiful eyes will hypnotise you with their beauty. There you go, Laura. I told you I'd write a review of your gorgeous gren eyes! Next time - and there will definitely be a next time - I'll have more to say.

2017-12-13 Laura review submited by Jo (22 reviews)
Beautiful,amazing girl Very friendly Definitely I will see her again x highly recommend

2017-12-06 Laura review submited by Evan (21 reviews)
It’s first time when I book for a girl And I’m very happy was trying Laura She it’s so beautiful girl everything it’s amazing at her See you soon Laura kisses

2017-12-04 Laura review submited by Tran (20 reviews)
She’s the best girl in london at the moment I think ,she is sweet and gorgeous like her pictures and gives the best and friendliest service. She deserves everything Highly recommend You will love this one!

2017-12-04 Laura review submited by Vik (19 reviews)
What an amazing woman. I almost don't want to review her as I wish she could be all mine! Everything about this woman is amazing. Breasts to die for, beautiful bum, gorgeous face. like an angel! And just a real lovely personality. Wish she was all mine. Thank you

2017-12-02 Laura review submited by Phy (18 reviews)
Very beautiful girl Friendly very hot Good services So happy to meet you Laura kisses xx

2017-12-02 Laura review submited by Ky (17 reviews)
Laura is very beautiful very good services amazing time. thx for all she is friendly and she smiles. everything I love this girl I really recommended I think she is the most beautiful girl who I see in my life !! Thank you for sure I will come back

2017-11-27 Laura review submited by A (16 reviews)
I was very pleased with my experience with Laura.Is very lovely and exactly what I needed. She looked very pretty and she was a girl you could actually talk to. She is as beautiful as her photos show her to be and she provides an excellent company. Highly recommended from a very happy customer.

2017-11-25 Erika review submited by Mustafa (5 reviews)
When I meet Erika, I was shocked by her beauty! She is one of the most beautiful lady my eyes have ever seen. She is the sweetest well-mannered girl, with attitude and a perfect body. She is an excellent listener, she has an amazing sense of humor, and above all, she is the goddess of pleasure: she will blow your head off!

2017-11-22 Monika review submited by Mikel (22 reviews)
Never seen a girl so Hot the experience was to much to can explain..one of the best girl i could meet in London!!Thank you 

2017-11-21 Laura review submited by Apu (15 reviews)
She it’s absolutely amazing and beautiful Highly recommend Wonderful body x

2017-11-21 Delisha review submited by Charlie (11 reviews)
Absolutely beautiful. Delisha is gorgeous and sexy as hell. She also kind and a wonderful person to chat with. I'll be dreaming about her stunning body for quite a while..! Recommended.

2017-11-20 Laura review submited by Sammy (14 reviews)
Laura the agency it’s so lucky with you She it’s the most beautiful woman that I see in my life she have amazing body nice legs I hope to see you again soon

2017-11-16 Pamela review submited by Hamal (15 reviews)
Is long time i'm looking and looking to Pamela profile and finally i did it today so happy and the same time so sad i didn't done in earlyer.Such a beautiful girl and so nice and warm person so difficult to describe her in the right words and definitely 100 times better than i was expecting!!I can't say how happy she made me

2017-11-15 Pamela review submited by Munir (14 reviews)
Very beautiful young lady i can say she looks eaven better than her pictures with nice pair of natural breasts.She enjoy a lot her job and tryed anything to make me happ!I'm very happy for my choice and recommend her

2017-11-14 Laura review submited by T (13 reviews)
Thanks agency for this amazing girl Very beautiful slim body Good services ,GFE Recommended xx

2017-11-09 Laura review submited by K (12 reviews)
Laura it’s very beautiful the best in the town x Good services clean place nice attitude Very friendly See you soon Laura

2017-11-05 Lolita review submited by Dave (12 reviews)
Lolita is sweet, nice and the most beautiful girl I ever saw. Another thing surprised me was her kissing and OWO skills. I felt so comfortable with her and enjoyed the GFE. Thank you babe

2017-11-01 Izadora review submited by Vix (7 reviews)
Classy, intelligent, sensual and extremely beautiful! A perfect tall size 8, she keeps her elegant body in top shape. Amazing experience.

2017-10-26 Laura review submited by Kevin (11 reviews)
She it’s amazing girl look like on the pictures perfect body slim friendly girls sure I’m sure I will see her again I recommend her Laura it’s the best !!!

2017-10-24 Megan review submited by Franco (6 reviews)
Amazing girl i will return for sure..thanks megan

2017-10-24 Monika review submited by Romer (21 reviews)
Awesome babe, great blow..., dint let me suck her boobs but was very friendly.

2017-10-19 Mimi review submited by Jeffers (1 review)
Simply amazing and such a wonderful body! Could not have been better. Great kissing the best oral I have had. Legs and bum to die for and moves her sexy little hips like you would not believe. Book now! I will be back again for sure.

2017-10-18 Monika review submited by Mark (20 reviews)
This was out of this world. Monica is sexy and friendly. She tastes amazing and does all services with enthusiam. absolute top drawer

2017-10-15 Rachel review submited by AJ (1 review)
Simply sensational simply stunning end of !!!

2017-10-09 Tatiana review submited by Ale (1 review)
It's the second time I have been with her. The first time was lovely, but the second was even better. She always makes me feel good and comfortable. This girl is a bijoux... We spent an unforgettable hour together: during the whole date, she made me smile and laugh because if her absolutely lovely attitude. And of course, she is very beautiful.

2017-10-04 Grace review submited by ScoobyDoo (4 reviews)
Grace is absolutely stunning. Welcoming attitude and real. OWO and highly skilled BJ. Can’t go wrong with her. She’s incredible.

2017-10-03 Monika review submited by Ian (19 reviews)
Monica is verry friendly girl. She providing the experience I wanted. An excellent service. I had a great time Thanks

2017-09-28 Grace review submited by Mohammed (3 reviews)
She gergous friendly loving welcoming and ill recommend her defently coming to see her again

2017-09-28 Grace review submited by J (2 reviews)
Grace is absolutely incredible she looks exactly like her pics no photoshop she gives the best blowj.. I've ever had full OWO I've been 7 times now and it keeps getting better sorry grace for not leaving a review sooner I was trying to keep you all to myself. Grace is 100% satisfaction and value for money guaranteed

2017-09-26 Erika review submited by Dave (4 reviews)
Stunning girl! What you see is what you get , she is the girl from the pictures. Very passionate and wild which makes her the perfect combination. More to be discovered...

2017-09-25 Laura review submited by James (10 reviews)
Laura was absolutely lovely, and I don't think the photos do her justice. Very accommodating, gentle and welcoming, not to mention easy to talk to. We had a great time together, and I'd recommend her highly!

2017-09-12 Erika review submited by Vittorio (3 reviews)
Erika is absolutely stunning! I am fascinated because she looks exactly like in the pictures. The most beautiful girl that I ever meet. Her body is incredible, nice boobs, very fit belly and ass! Immaculately dressed and mannered. I am so happy cause I made this decision by choosing her because she is a 10 stars girl!

2017-08-31 Izadora review submited by D (6 reviews)
Met Izadora at her place for a wonderful hour. She was cute, gorgeous and sexy with a bubbly personality which really worked for me. She's eager to communicate which made our meeting fun and entertaining in addition to excellently performed service.

2017-08-20 Nuria review submited by Hassan (2 reviews)
  Extremely sexy; she has a great way about her that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed as well as super horny! After about 15 minutes I felt like I had known her for ages. She is also very funny and really sweet. I had a great time. Highly recommended.

2017-08-10 Milana review submited by Rob (3 reviews)
Beautiful gurl inside and out. Funny and sexy in equal measure. I was a bit late and it was late but still she was lovely. Just as the pics show - stunning. A diamond in the rough. Thanks Milana can't wait to see you again. Rxx

2017-08-05 Megan review submited by Ben (5 reviews)
Amazing girl, far better looking in person and gave me good tips on how to be better a lover, was fantasic! Would recommend 5/5

2017-08-01 Laura review submited by E (9 reviews)
Great experience with Laura. She set a really pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, and she was a joy to spend time with. Made me feel amazing. Thanks for your company. Wish you all the best.

2017-07-28 Laura review submited by Darian (8 reviews)
Laura is an incredible woman. Her place is nice, clean and welcoming. Great shower! She is funny and smart and has the most incredible body you'll ever see. Soft skin, beautiful face and hypotonic eyes. You will not be disappointed. Felt at ease right away and had a great time. Thank you!

2017-07-14 Grace review submited by Ap (1 review)
I generally dont see European escorts as i prefer asian esclorts. However, Grace blew me away. I extended my time straightaway when i saw her. Shes petite and very pretty like the pictures. Her boobs are soft and her attitude and service excellent, not a clock watcher at all. We had a good time with lots of kissing snd cuddling. Id recommend highly.

2017-07-14 Lolita review submited by Chan (11 reviews)
Fantastic girl. Her smile just made my day.

2017-07-12 Laura review submited by M (7 reviews)
Laura's place was clean, tidy, great shower etc. Laura is very pretty, petite, great body, enhanced boobs but nicely done. Service was very vanilla but Laura was so pretty and willing that she fitted the GFE. If you're looking for a more PSE she's probably not the girl for you.

2017-07-02 Lolita review submited by Tarik (10 reviews)
Lolita is very good at what she does and is very passionate about the way she does it. She really is into her work and the GFE was definitely one of the best I've had, making me almost forget that I was paying for it - anyway an experience worth every penny! Highly Recommended.

2017-06-30 Pamela review submited by Amir (13 reviews)
Really hot girl with angelic face and so profesional in everything she do!!One of the Top girl in London and i can say that i saw many!!Thanks a lot for your recomandation!

2017-06-24 Anushka review submited by Harry (1 review)
Rushed service, disinterested and doesn't look like her photos

2017-06-23 Alma review submited by Steven (2 reviews)
Alma Was very sweet and gave me the best ever experience. If you want a nice gorgeous girl with a great body you must see Alma. Thank you!

2017-06-23 Irina review submited by Oliver (1 review)
Irina was very polite, incredibly sexy ajd offered a good service including massage

2017-06-20 Izadora review submited by Ali (5 reviews)
I had an amazing time with Izadora . It was delightful from the start to finish. Very naughty girl

2017-06-18 Nina review submited by Carl (1 review)
Nina was available for an incall visit on short notice. Offered me a drink and made me feel comfortable immediately. A kind, funny person with a beautiful face and body. She's also a fan of fresh raspberries! Very good experience overall - recommended.

2017-06-13 Alma review submited by Mark (1 review)
Very good girl. I enjoy the time with her

2017-06-10 Laura review submited by Steven (6 reviews)
Awesome girl whos willing to go out of her way to meet you, a young and fun person to be with!

2017-06-08 Cristal review submited by Patel (1 review)
Cristal was fantastic and very friendly, she is a stunning gorgeous brunette. I could not get enough of her. thanks

2017-06-08 Marlena review submited by Richard (1 review)
I saw Marlena about four times the last week. Fantastic body accompanied by a very friendly and giving personality. What can I say ...great new edition to Babes's . I will see her again very soon. Cheers

2017-06-03 Chloe review submited by Brian (3 reviews)
Stunning girl with a crazy sexy body. She knows how to use it and is very sexual. Really got into it. Highly recommend.

2017-05-17 Laura review submited by mr zac (5 reviews)
Yesterday i visited laura She was as beautifull as in the pictures. When meeting her in person, Friendly, relaxed and a super body. A nice room with a large bed in a modern decorated appartement. A had a super time and i will return laura xxx. zac

2017-05-16 Pamela review submited by Bob (12 reviews)
Thanks a lot for your recommandation you made the best choice for me!Pamela is so beautiful the same as her Selfies wichi is very good ideea for costumers because i got few not realy nice experience before!Pamela was realy profesional and her figure is just from that kind of movies...Just woderful!!

2017-05-15 Paulina review submited by Rickie (2 reviews)
I meet Paulina in her place she is truly full of sexually and very excited. I like her sensual look. I have such a fantastic time

2017-05-11 Daria review submited by Patrik (16 reviews)
The start is back. I just saw Daria as soon as she came back after a long break. Gosh she looks better than ever not to mention the moves..WOWWWW . Welcome back

2017-04-26 Izadora review submited by Jai (4 reviews)
Izadora beautiful personality..big bum all natural GFE nice DFK very good bj

2017-04-09 Rihanna review submited by Ogi (4 reviews)
She was great! Better than in pictures 10/10

2017-04-07 Leanora review submited by R (1 review)
The best.. my next trip for sure I will see her.

2017-03-31 Laura review submited by MR H (4 reviews)
Stunning petite girl with looks better than I expected.Great experience and highly recommended.

2017-03-24 Lolita review submited by Oliver (9 reviews)
From the moment I entered to when I left, I was made to feel so welcome and Lolita is a such a friendly, warm, gorgeous lady. We started with an amazing OWO which she took gracefully in her mouth. After a break and an interesting chat we resumed with Lolita on top which was a sight to behold. Some more OWO was to follow before unloading again on her beautiful breasts. Great hour and recommended.

2017-03-22 Kira review submited by Matt (3 reviews)
I had a really lovely time with Kira. She is exceptionally beautiful and we had a perfect time together. I hope she enjoyed it as much as me.

2017-03-19 Lea review submited by Connor (2 reviews)
Met Lea for the first and she was absolutely wonderful. Fantastic company and offers a really good service. I will definitely see her see again, thank you Lea.

2017-03-10 Pamela review submited by Yan (11 reviews)
I didn't had much time to stay and i felt really bad because Pamela was so wonderful and she really deserve everything!!As real as her pictures and all services really profesional!!

2017-03-07 Megan review submited by Danny (4 reviews)
Very attractive, easy to talk to, fantastic body and wore excatly what i requested

2017-02-24 Erika review submited by James (2 reviews)
Erika is perfect from head to toes! Her body is incredible! She has the most amazing ass that I ever saw, with a tiny waist and perfect natural breast! She is everything that men would look for. If you wondered how is it to be with a bikini model.. definitely book see her!

2017-02-14 Chelsea review submited by David (2 reviews)
Impossible to better her service. Intelligent, warm and v sexy

2017-02-05 Pamela review submited by Philip (10 reviews)
As beautiful as her pictures..She came at my hotel as i was asking for..We had wonderful time togheder!!!

2017-02-02 Milana review submited by Jonny (2 reviews)
I hadn't seen Milana for a couple of years since her Bayswater days as i need to not repeat visit with so many fresh faces, was I a fool! I'd always remembered our first encounter, she was warm, attentive and oh so good at what she does. Time has pasted but this hasn't changed if anything shes got even better, so much so that once i'd left her i was back an hour later for another round. Fantastic!

2017-01-28 Izadora review submited by Sam (3 reviews)
excellent babs dropped in for an hour had the time of my life ! she is very professional and sophisticated! Coming back again for sure !

2017-01-27 Pamela review submited by Allan (9 reviews)
I nerver write a review but Pamela it was just too good for me.The natural beauty of this girl is simply out of this world and so nice personality.I got the best girlfriend experience of my life im so happy for my choice!I will return soon!!

2017-01-24 Izadora review submited by Salguy (2 reviews)
Very true to the pics shown on website. Great personality and lovely to talk to. Will definitely visit again

2017-01-08 Izadora review submited by Harry (1 review)
Lovely lady, would definitely see her again. A lot prettier than her pictures suggest! Lovely to talk too and great skill! :) Thank you Izadora!!

2017-01-06 Kira review submited by Marco (2 reviews)
Just spent 1.5hours with the beautiful Kira. She is amazing!! Her kisses are incredible not to mention her Oral skills are from anither world, will be going back very soon

2017-01-06 Kira review submited by marco (1 review)
Kira is not only beautiful but kind and attentive too, just spent the most amazing 90 mins with her, I will definitely be visiting her again very soon.

2017-01-05 Pamela review submited by Aziz (8 reviews)
Pamela is my favourite escort girl every time i escape to London she is a Must for me.I was surprise to see how much she could change and how beautiful she could become!Super model and her character is so difficult to find!!See you soon my super love

2016-12-02 Paulina review submited by Justin (1 review)
A very classy,erotic sexy and poised woman. I needed exactly this kind of company. Fantastic experience

2016-11-21 Pamela review submited by Jame (7 reviews)
I've choose Pamela because of her reviews and deffinetly i made the best decision she is thrully the same as everyone write here.I just got the felling that for 1h i was with my girlfriend.Top from the top!!

2016-11-17 Rihanna review submited by Sam (3 reviews)
Exellent service.. she was very poli?e, clean, Warm and extremely friendly. She is better in person with natural curves amazing personality and would recommended a price raise to £ 300 and hour. Excellent service

2016-11-14 Laura review submited by Tall (3 reviews)
Photos don't do her justice - she's a lot prettier in person. Very smiley and friendly. Great petite and slim body although a little ticklish. Great girl.

2016-10-31 Erika review submited by Peter (1 review)
I've seen Erika through this agency many times and she is 100% the best. Better looking then in the pictures, a real knock-out! every time when I see her, she is more beautiful and naughty. A must see!

2016-10-28 Reina review submited by Mark (1 review)
Reina is a super sexy and charming girl. Is smiling and friendly. I liked that about her. The service provided was nice. I will see her again. Thank you !

2016-10-03 Monika review submited by Robert (18 reviews)
I have seen this girl several times and always found her lively and great fun. Whilst she looks fabulous in anything, a new leather skirt just added to the wardrobe makes her sexier then ever.

2016-10-03 Lolita review submited by M (8 reviews)
Lolita is sweet, nice and very beautiful. She is even prettier in person than her pictures. She showed up exactly on time, and was appropriately dressed. Her body is perfect and flawless. Truly a great find. I wish I lived in London so I could see her often.thank you babe

2016-10-01 Laura review submited by CB (2 reviews)
6 stars out of 5 - not only is Laura superbly beautiful, but also intelligent, confident and friendly. She makes her guests immediately feel at ease. I'm glad to have spent a few hours with her.

2016-09-21 Laura review submited by AJ (1 review)
Had a wonderful time with Laura and what a gorgeous girl. She is expert in pleasing the men, she is way more prettier than her photo's. We had a good laugh, what a lovely sense of humour she has. I can't forget those moments which I spent with you!! Thanks Laura xxx

2016-08-30 Pamela review submited by Milan (6 reviews)
Pamela is so friendly wichi is very difficult to find to an escort girl.smileing all the time and enjoing the same as me.quality time 10 out 10

2016-07-22 Amanda review submited by John (7 reviews)
Amanda is a superstar!! Excellent at what she does, while at the same time making me feel totally at ease and making the whole experience very, very pleasurable!

2016-07-20 Rihanna review submited by Martin (2 reviews)
Rihanna was beautiful, she looked simply fantastic, even more appealing than her photos would suggest. She was very playful and really made me feel very-very''welcome'' in her flat. I am confident this young girl will be a worthy superstar on Babes of London. Thanks Babes and, of course, thanks a lot Rihanna. Will be back soon.

2016-07-05 Pamela review submited by Rash (5 reviews)
Deam..when i open the door and i saw her smile I got blocked.Pamela just made my day is the kind of woman you can make so easy everything with her.She is Top from the Top..

2016-06-21 Ramona review submited by Rob (4 reviews)
Ramona is outstanding. Not only is she physically beautiful, but her personality, attitude, and service match her beauty. The best.

2016-06-11 Lea review submited by jason (1 review)
Met Lea for the 1st time. She is certainly as the pictures are and then some. Wont go into detail over what happened, but rest assured if u treat her right she will certainly see u right. Beautiful girl, great skills and alot of fun to be around. Cant wait till next time

2016-06-07 Pamela review submited by Dani (4 reviews)
Pamela is just the girl everyone wish to get up next to her in the morning.she will make your day happy with a single smile.i enjoy so much my time with her and i can't beleve how hot she is.See you soon sweety.

2016-06-07 Pamela review submited by Rob (3 reviews)
Pamela is just amaizing such a happy girl and that breasts my god just unbeliveble.grate attitude trying all her best to please me.highly recommended

2016-05-01 Ramona review submited by dan (3 reviews)
Ramona is extremely attractive and sensual. Perfect body, wonderful and natural boobs, with hard nipple. All the massages are top notch, and worth the A-level with high grades!!! Recommend her at 200%, one of the best. FYI all services are protected.

2016-04-02 Lolita review submited by Richard (7 reviews)
Stunning best ever the pictures do not do justice to this babe

2016-03-22 Delisha review submited by S (10 reviews)
Beautiful, classy, intelligent, sexy and great at what she does. Not many seem to master beauty and brains; she's one of that few that do. I appreciate that a lot. Take much care, Delisha. S

2016-03-18 Pamela review submited by Aziz (2 reviews)
So surprised.such a grate attitude and so beautiful much more than her pics.The time was going so fast and she enjoy so much her job.Pamela is unbeliveble highly recommended!

2016-03-17 Monika review submited by James (17 reviews)
Set myself a goal of a relaxing hour with a beautiful girl. Nothing over the top, strenuous or too exotic. A quick call and chat and I was in a taxi to Monika. No problems telling receptionist I was running few mins late. Very nice new flat in the Paddington basin, very swish. Hadn't asked if anything specific dress wise but Monika was nicely dressed and smiling sweetly. Her pics are a few years old but absolutely no complaints. She's absolutely lovely and very easy on the eye. Soft skin, lovely face, eyes particularly, and very cute body. Had s nice shower then a lovely hour in her company. Def gfe and that's what I wanted, some time admiring fine art, not an obstacle course. Her English was good and she had a nice personality. She wasn't shy in taking the lead but it wasn't brush. I wasn't planning on doing anything too strenuous but still managed a really good time with several positions and it was all really very nice. I'd thoroughly recommend, she's s lovely girl and I think she'd probably get a bit more racey if required. Top notch hour, really hit the spot.

2016-03-14 Lolita review submited by Samy (6 reviews)
I really enjoyed my time with Lolita,was really friendly and provided a good service.A very enjoyable hour with a delightful young lady.Highly recommended

2016-03-09 Monika review submited by Alan (16 reviews)
Monika is a great girl and I had a fantastic experience. She is very sweet and make you feel good. I also like the GFE with her. She also has a beautiful body. I definitely recommend her.

2016-03-05 Monika review submited by STU (15 reviews)
I had planned to meet Monica for some time and was pleased when she was able to accept my booking at short notice. On arrival, Monica looked stunning and made me feel very welcome. Very clean albeit nice apartment. Great time with a lovely young woman.

2016-02-25 Pamela review submited by steve (1 review)
She is so lovely and friendly.can't wait to see her again.higly recomended.

2016-02-25 Donna review submited by Henry (2 reviews)
Very accommodating, fun girl, very busty and firm. Nipoles to die for, photos are a not recent but still a stunner. All standard services. Light FK, OW, a good bootie and rider too. Will se again definitely. 8/10

2016-02-03 Delisha review submited by Pat (9 reviews)
Simply gorgeous!!! Welcomed me in her apartment and made me feel comfy. Very pretty in flesh and very soft spoken, intelligent and humorous, my kinda woman. Had a very nice time.

2016-01-07 Amanda review submited by Terry (5 reviews)
Amanda is a very sweet and understanding girl with a bubbly positive personality. I spent a lovely 90 minutes with her which passed by much too quickly. You won't be disappointed if you see her. I would definitely return.

2015-12-29 Amanda review submited by John (4 reviews)
Absolutely amazing. Unforgettable. Would love to see her again. Take her on a dinner date.

2015-12-28 Rihanna review submited by Jeremie (1 review)
Rihanna had very fresh and positive attitude with a kinky side. She was quite keen to play with toys I had bring and even did me with her massive strapon with energy and stamina. I definitely recommend Rihanna.

2015-12-13 Nuria review submited by Steve (1 review)
Nuria is a lovely girl. Tall, slim , silky skin and extremely pretty. She was so friendly and smiley too.would definitely see again.

2015-11-01 Monika review submited by Rani (14 reviews)
Verry nice girl she live in a nice areea tha apartament whas ready for tha Haloween i realy enjoy mi time with she i will be back soon sexy girl

2015-10-22 Monika review submited by Ll (13 reviews)
beautiful sophisticated lady!!!She enjoys making love and you will too, if you are lucky enough to see her -Good luck Monica see you soon.

2015-10-19 Lolita review submited by Ay (5 reviews)
Service wide, it was not as great as I thought it would be, with no OWO no CIM. I mean I chose this specific girl only because the CIM service I saw in the reviews. Sex is just okay, with her pushing me to finish early. In terms of appearance, it's not stunning to be honest with too big a belly. Only highlight was the place was quite nice and big. Based on this experience I had, I would not recommend this one. Compared to what I had with Gizelle, this experience was so lame.

2015-09-17 Daria review submited by Mike (15 reviews)
Daria was gorgeous and looked just like her picture. She was great fun and very sensuous . Will def want to see her again.

2015-09-07 Daria review submited by George (14 reviews)
It was an incredible experience. I really enjoyed it/

2015-09-04 Daria review submited by Ben (13 reviews)
Very relaxed, attentive and sensitive girl, great fun to talk to. First class appearance and services. And man, those eyes - addictive… Take your time with Daria, it's worth it!

2015-08-08 Milana review submited by Marc (1 review)
Had a luch time session with Milana and what a lovely girl. Knows how to treat a man, had a wonderful time. Shes much prettier than her photo's has an amazing body. Great sense of humour had a good laugh too! thanks Milana

2015-07-31 Monika review submited by Carol (12 reviews)
She is adorable. Possibly the sweetest escort I have ever met. she is hot hot

2015-07-30 Delisha review submited by Aal (8 reviews)
Delisha was really beautiful, really sexy tattoo's and is smart. Enjoyed my time. btw she is a blonde now and it looks great on her

2015-07-25 Delisha review submited by Justin (7 reviews)
Repeat session with the lovely Delisha, to my surprise it was an even better session. I will highly recommend Delisha. Great personality, well spoken, and pretty. Once again I made the right decision.

2015-07-19 Delisha review submited by Justin (6 reviews)
The kind of girl I need in my life. I had a nice experience with her. She's better looking in person. The pictures on the site do not do her justice, compared to other girls on various site's their photo get photoshopped to make them look good, Delisha is better looking than her picture's. I was loving the nice curves and boobs which I enjoyed touching. My time with her went fast it's was like chatting and hanging out with a girlfriend for the evening, she really takes her time to get to know you. I will recommend her to anybody who likes to treat a lady like a queen, her reviews are true and not fake. Finally I will say Delisha is up there at the top as one of the top ten escorts in London. I was getting feed up of the fake reviews and pictures on agency sites until I booked Delisha. Baby you changed my mind and rocked my world thanks. About the place: Nice clean flat

2015-07-18 Chelsea review submited by max (1 review)
today, it was very tough day, ,but i decided to c chelsea then she makes me feel comfortable and her room is very clean, hence; i very recommend chelsea

2015-07-07 Monika review submited by Li (11 reviews)
Nice girl good english. Very nice areea

2015-06-12 Nata review submited by Rupert (1 review)
Nata was everything that I expected and possibly a little more as she was also very good-natured; sincere and pleasantly co-operative. Her flat is extremely neat, clean and tidy and she provides a first-rate, and somewhat unusual, massage that will soon have you feeling relaxed and ready... Her finger work is accomplished and she pleases the parts that many fail to reach in a slightly shy, but nonetheless effective, manner.

2015-06-12 Monika review submited by A (10 reviews)
Is it tha 3rt time with Monica she is very very nice girl polite beautiful end very clean

2015-05-23 Lolita review submited by Rob (4 reviews)
Had a great time. Easy to talk to and great had great sexuality. Would see her again!

2015-05-19 Daria review submited by Dinuru (12 reviews)
Daria was extremely gorgeous and friendly. she was prettier than the photos.

2015-05-15 Daria review submited by James (11 reviews)
It was my first time using an escort and so I was pretty nervous when I arrived to meet Daria, but she opened the door and greeted me with a big hello and ask me how my day was. Although her pictures are a little photoshopped, I much preferred the real thing. She was a real girl, natural curves in all the right places, both soft and smooth. She looked gorgeous, full glossy lips, beautiful eyes, her long brown hair draped over her tanned brown body. I was very nervous but she made me feel at ease as we chatted laying next to each other for 5 minutes. She did everything I asked, Oral both ways, 69 and she rid me to finish. Her oral skills were amazing even though I was wearing a condom! We then lay chatting for the last 15 minutes. She didn't look at her watch once until I prompted her to check I wasn't overrunning, she seemed genuinely interested in conversation, she had a bit of a sniffle and kept apologising but it was no worry as she really made the effort in every way she could. Really lovely, natural girl who provided an easy-going natural experience. Would recommend to all. Also, I went home with her scent all over me and so I couldn't stop thinking about her all evening, I need to know what perfume that was! Thank you Daria

2015-05-14 Monika review submited by Ing (9 reviews)
Looks better than pictures. Opened the door in heels and lingerie. Wow. Very nice and friendly girl who delivers tha services with a smile. She's very passionate and loves the job and you feel it! Treat her well.

2015-04-28 Monika review submited by Kuu (8 reviews)
Verry nice and verry verry sexy gils. Thanks BabesOfLondon

2015-04-24 Delisha review submited by mike (5 reviews)
Delisha is the best I have ever met! She is very nice and caring and is much prettier than her photos.. total gfe! Will surely go back to her Soon.

2015-04-19 Julia review submited by simon (1 review)
Julia is fabulous.....So beautiful and intelligent. Julia is unique and loves her work. She is just about the most perfect girl I have come across. I cant wait to see her again !

2015-03-15 Monika review submited by Wily (7 reviews)
Amazing beautiful, funny smart, body to die... great tits!!!

2015-03-02 Monika review submited by DJ (6 reviews)
Wonderful experience. Very friendly and intelligent. It was a privilege to meet and talk to her and it got even better when the talking stopped. There is a heaven. Hope to see you again soon.

2015-02-15 Monika review submited by Jay (5 reviews)
Incredible body and very sweet face,she is friendly and never stopped smiling. wow.... amazing...tnx

2015-02-15 Daria review submited by Kevin (10 reviews)
Photos slightly photoshopped but still, she is absolutely stunning. Felt so real and perfect. She was up for anything and was a real beauty both out and in. Only spent 30 minutes and felt like at least an hour. I would 100% see her again.

2015-02-12 Lolita review submited by Andy (3 reviews)
she is very young,cute and beautifier.excellent GFE,enjoyable OWO and the CIM was top notch!!!I had a very good time with the best girl......

2015-02-06 Katy review submited by Phil (4 reviews)
Katya was an incredibly beautiful girl. If you like slim and perfectly formed she is a goddess. Very friendly and talkative. However a GFE experience it was not. No kissing and I've never had a BJ of a girlfriend and had to wear a condom. That said I had a fantastic 3 hours with Katya she is incredibly sexy. Thank you Katya xx

2015-02-05 Daria review submited by simon (9 reviews)
This girl is so hot she sets our bodies alight. She does everything and she is utterly committed in all she does. From french kissing to ass-licking, Daria is a wonder to behold . See you soon Babe x

2015-01-31 Lolita review submited by Simon (2 reviews)
she is exacly like the pictures.sexy,sociable,smart,elegant.very good service,a great time with wonderful women.Recomended see you again

2015-01-24 Amanda review submited by Anton (3 reviews)
Clean place and Amanda provided good service and was very easy to talk to. Nice OWO and also did good massage.

2015-01-23 Monika review submited by Kailas (4 reviews)
So lets get the very small problem out with first, her lack of spoken English - BUT young Monica far makes it up with her brilliant attitude,looks and her performace in EVERYTHING - what dreams are !

2015-01-14 Monika review submited by Emme (3 reviews)
Exceptionally passionate kisser and more importantly very friendly and skilled, Was made welcomed as soon as I arrived to when I left. Perfect GFE!!!!

2015-01-12 Monika review submited by Abigel (2 reviews)
I've seen Monika a few time over the last year but due to her high level of service have seen her twice in four weeks, the reason why.........her GFE is the best, full on DFK is so so good which I just love, she is more than happy for me to explore her body which is such a turn on. She too me is the best & will continue seeing her.

2015-01-11 Amanda review submited by Peter (2 reviews)
Sweet petite treat! Great attitude and a very fulfilling time. Thank you,

2015-01-10 Amanda review submited by simon (1 review)
This girl is fabulous. She is sweet, funny and sexy, I will be definitely going to see this sprite. again.She really makes the visit memorable.

2015-01-01 Ramona review submited by david (1 review)
Ramona is a one-off....an angel....a phenomanon. Truly beautiful and soooo pretty. She is sweet and intelligent. She smiles and laughs and provides me with oasis. What a girl !

2014-12-10 Chloe review submited by X (2 reviews)
Real delight of the night. Short stay but regret I didn't stay longer. Always smiling. Joy to be with. Bum so prefect you want take it home with you. What a sight. Good chat. Lovely bird and got into it. No extreme services but what she delivered was enough and mind blowing. Go slowly and she will match you equally. All natural and fit. Definitely recommend.

2014-12-02 Lolita review submited by ken (1 review)
she is very sexy girl,with perfect body and soft skin.great service.very good OWO,fk.I have very good experience

2014-11-28 Chloe review submited by Robert (1 review)
I booked this girl straight away after recognizing her as someone I was a regular with at another agency a year or two ago. She is still charm itself and you can still absolutely lose yourself in those big brown eyes of hers. I will consider myself very lucky if I can be one of her regulars again this time round.

2014-11-09 Anastasia review submited by Thomas (1 review)
Great attitude. Look is real, will visit again.

2014-10-20 Megan review submited by steve (3 reviews)
Megan was a great beautiful looking women with lots of class, very well spoken and make you feel like a person a not a job! If you would like to get to know her as a person she is a great listener and is interested in what you have to say. Beautiful body and makes you feel like a boyfriend in everyway, it wasn't just all about the sex and contact but no complaints! She make escorting classy. An absolute wonderful women I will see her again if that's if she can fit me in. Thank you megan for a lovely evening x

2014-09-25 Daria review submited by (8 reviews)
Absolutely beautiful and sexy. with a wonderful personality. I really enjoyed my time with Daria, the most gorgeous escort I have ever been.

2014-08-24 Monika review submited by Johny lee (1 review)
Monika is an amazing girl. Very sweet and easygoing. Will be back to her very soon. She is a girl you can't miss. Highly recommended!!!

2014-08-14 Daria review submited by Jay (7 reviews)
Daria 30 mins. Pure class. So load back. Silk smooth body to die for. Tastes and smells the real thing. She surely lived up to her reputation. Really pretty, with perfect nuts. Will definitely see again

2014-07-27 Katy review submited by Richard (3 reviews)
Katy was superb, lovely Romanian girl. First of all the house was stunning, it would sell for a couple of million easily. Bedroom and bathroom nice. Katy manages to be super skinny but have large soft real boobs and a round ass. Absolutely stunning. Nice attitude, good to talk to. Sex was great. I'll be honest, just looking at her for an hour would have been enough. I could not recommend her highly enough.

2014-07-14 Delisha review submited by Steven (4 reviews)
Delisha is probably the prettiest girl I have ever seen in the flesh, her face is a mix of Milan Kunis and Anjelina Jolie, sexy body and hot tattoos. The apartment was really clean and smelt nice.... But wow Delisha is too sexy and she has a great sense of humour to. I will deffo be back again, and for more than 1 hour too. It's easy to fall in love with this girl

2014-06-30 Daria review submited by G (6 reviews)
good attitude and performance but looks let her (for me anyway), if your paying for it I want stunning.

2014-06-05 Megan review submited by Anton (2 reviews)
Very beautiful girl and easy to talk to. Was relaxed all the time and time just flew by.

2014-05-16 Katy review submited by sh (2 reviews)
Katy greeted me in her great house, shared w some friends, near Bayswater. Led me upstairs, very good location and clean. Lot of eye contact and talk. Katy is easy-going and caring, a very sweet personality. She is so skinny that her soft big natural boobs look even bigger, just wonderful. Did I mentioned her incredible derriere? So skinny and yet so much to fondle and play with. A true and very sweet GFE. I will keep her for myself now (dreaming may be allowed ...). Naroc, sweetie.

2014-05-04 Delisha review submited by Janos (3 reviews)
great, look like on pictures. nice girl, good time!

2014-04-23 Daria review submited by DINNO (5 reviews)
I visited Daria while in town and I was blown away by the passion she approached me. She was on fire throughout our time together not a minute to re consider ....I gave up all...Thank you Daria

2014-04-23 Delisha review submited by mike (2 reviews)
What a fantastic Escort girl Delisha is. Beautiful much better looking than her pictures. Stunning body and very cute face. She was highly recommended by Babes of London I understand why now!!! I have had a great time and surely I will re- visit Delisha soon

2014-04-19 Daria review submited by Sammy (4 reviews)
I rate her service 10/10 very good!

2014-04-05 Delisha review submited by Steve (1 review)
Delisha is actually better looking than her photos and speaks excellent English. Fantastic figure. She made me feel relaxed and at ease. Treat her well - she is a lovely girl.

2014-02-18 Megan review submited by jackie (1 review)
oh Yeah ..she is hot as hell loved her tight p.... and a....

2014-01-17 Donna review submited by Paul (1 review)
Saw Donna for 1 hour she was very cute had a brilliant time with her and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for gfe

2014-01-13 Katy review submited by gino (1 review)
Katy is wild ride ,slim with beautiful and perfectly shaped boobs. Very friendly girl in a pleasant house close to Bayswater st. I will see Katy soon again....

2013-12-29 Daria review submited by maximo (3 reviews)
DARIA IS THE BEST ESCORT IN LONDON!! I saw Daria three times and will not go to any other escort or use any other Escort Agency than BABES OF LONDON, because their recommendation is always on the money. Gents always ask for agency recommendations from BABES they are not like other services, will always tell you to go or maybe choose somebody else for your desires .....I am over the moon with DARIA .....Thanks

2013-12-10 Daria review submited by j (2 reviews)
This is my fist review, but i have to because Daria is very beautiful, the time with her was amassing, she is by far the best girl i met from any Agencies, she is fantastic, good lack Daria, i will see u soon xx

2013-12-10 Daria review submited by Peter (1 review)
I saw Daria few times already and she keep surprising me with her genuine love for pleasing. Every time she takes it up a gear ....woooowwww hard to resist ....I can highly recommend Daria and I will see her again in few days. Thanks BABES AGAIN!!!