2018-11-13 Alegra review submitted by George (1 review)
Alegra is beautiful girl, marvellous body. She was friendly and easy to get along with. Her level of service is excellent. She gave me both relaxation and intense pleasure. I was so fulfilled afterwards. Thank you Alegra, take care.

2018-11-12 Laura review submitted by Victor (38 reviews)
Laura is a very delightful young lady; friendly, good English, very pretty, sexy and has a superb, petite figure. I'd give her 100% rating, but unfortunately she's not into FK which is one of my passions. Needless to say, it won't stop me seeing her again... she is very special... one of the best I have encountered.

2018-11-07 Pamela review submitted by Peter (14 reviews)
I'm, I'm stuttering...I don't even know where to begin! This girl is beyond words!!! I've never experienced anything remotely close to the service(s) she offered. From the moment she opened the door to let me in to when she opened it to let me out, it was pure exactly what i was dreaming for!highly recommended

2018-10-25 Haifa review submitted by Jack (3 reviews)
I am not used to writing reviews but Haifa really deserves the best feedback possible. She looks even better than in her photos (.. yes she is really that hot), and she is also very friendly and keen to please. Definitely outstanding (in every meaning of the word).

2018-10-24 Laura review submitted by Sam (38 reviews)
Laura it’s so friendly And beautiful She know how to make you happy xx Definitely I will come back

2018-10-23 Tia review submitted by Brian (2 reviews)
Tia is pretty and provides very good company. Our date was intimate and cuddly. She really made me smile!

2018-10-21 Kitty review submitted by Steve (1 review)
Kitty was exactly like the photo, sweet, gorgeous and a lovely young toned body. She was friendly and accommodating and is not a clock watching. Service was top notch and she was sexy. She asked me ‘would you like to ... me?’ Who I am to say No to that? I obliged and b... her hard and she seemed to have enjoyed it and wanted more. Will see her again for sure

2018-10-18 Vivien review submitted by Jon (1 review)
Nice girl, poor basement apartment. Pictures pretty accurate, particularly the selfie and the over-the-shoulder shot. Good looking with v hot body. No need for the lip fillers though - not v classy and she's hot enough to go more natural. Service was bang average. No connection, very mechanical. Clearly in it for the cash (hey, of course she is but you may as well enjoy it or aim for your client to do so). I showered and left after 20+ mins. Not disappointing but instantly forgettable too...

2018-10-12 Angel review submitted by Evans (2 reviews)
Angel is pretty, speaks good English which helps break the ice. Her service is however mechanical with too many restrictions, including touching her body! The worst part though is her very stand-off-ish attitude, which is a big letdown. She made no effort to engage in any chitchat, or rather, looked rather uninterested, lying there in silence. I left after 30 mins. It's one of my worst experiences with an escort in over 10 years. The receptionist is excellent as always, if I may add.

2018-10-10 Erika review submitted by John (8 reviews)
One of the most beautiful girls, extremely sexy body and very affectionate. She provided all the services willingly.