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There are times in London when I just like my job, and there are times when it is simply fabulous. I have regular moments of euphoria; the clients treat their escorts very well and they’re mainly rich guys who enjoy nothing more than rewarding me with a very lavish lifestyle.  

Of course, I rent a flat in SW7 for my work. Clients can feel and see the quality for the gifts they give me. I use to self-manage my bookings but, now I have an agency help me with planning my dates. However, I do have my own clients who book me directly and I know their “supposed” names and occupations. My real regulars like to chat, or sleep, after intimacy and trust me. They arrive at my flat, stay for a day or so, and fly onto their original destination; or if in a hurry, book me to go to their hotel for a few hours. As if assuaged with guilt at a short-haul session, I often leave with a present. I’ve racked up a whole perfume counter display of scent and two jewellery chests of gold.

I also have many wealthy, female clients, whose husbands refuse to go down on them. Three times a month they pretend to go to the gym, whilst I give them another type of workout, with my tongue. It’s all about making them feel special for the amount of time they are with me. Of course my stunning looks, figure, class and flexibility go a long way.

I am well-read, degree-educated, of good stock, and take my education and profession as an exclusive escort seriously. If I am asked to go to a corporate event, and it has happened, I get the whole chapter and verse of the host, purpose and important facts. I can act as well as any BAFTA nominee, which brings me nicely onto actors. I have a few ongoing actors in the mix; some are married, some are single, and one is divorced. I am akin to a safety deposit box at the bank; a one-way exchange of valuable information. Secrets are safe with me and it keeps me at the top of my game.

The bedroom activity isn’t always brilliant; wealth does not equal expertise. However, I do feel I’ve accomplished something worthwhile and I almost always stop off to treat myself to a new perfume, hosiery, scarf, or shoes after a client session. Why not? These are the perks of the job and life is never, ever dull.

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