Weekly escapades

Roleplaying was one of Tony’s favorite things to do. You’d never think that he was the freaky type just by looking at him. I remember the first time we met. It was at this lovely hotel in London that he’d booked for the night. I thought that he was just one of those guys looking for an escape from reality and that my services as one of his special escorts would be a onetime thing for him. But I was wrong! Tony wanted to play and he wanted to play in one of the ways that I enjoyed the most.

He’d brought with him a nurse’s costume which he insisted that I put on. That night, he was the needy patient and I was the person who could make him all better. He laid on the bed, faking an ailment that I needed to find the cure for. I worked my way down his body, asking him, ‘where does it hurt.’ And his answer was always the same, ‘not there. Not there.’ Until I got to that special region between his thighs and when I pressed my hand against him he said, ‘that’s exactly where I need you my beautiful nurse.’

My heart hiccupped as I saw the desire in his eyes. Slowly and carefully, I undressed him. His body was like a work of art- so masculine, so muscular and I just couldn’t wait to treat him right.
But before we got to the naughty part of the night, I wanted to do something special for him so I decided to have him flip over onto his stomach while I massaged away all the tension from his back. Just touching him made my senses heighten. And there was no doubt that each time my hand kneaded itself into him, he wanted me just that much more.

One sensual massage later, we both were ready for the most breathtaking night we’d ever had. I was in charge, and I lowered myself on top of him, gazing in his eyes with each stroke. It was just Tony and me in that moment and nothing else in the world mattered. Our bodies were in sync, reacting to each other’s touch in perfect harmony from the very beginning all the way to a mind shattering climax.

I can’t wait to get my hands on that amazing client of mine again. I hope I’m the lucky escort he chooses for next week’s escapade I wonder what kind of role playing he’ll be up to the next time. Maybe I can be the cop and he can be the naughty little citizen who deserves to be punished.


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