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West London House Hunting

I wanted to stay living in West London. Josh lived slightly more North than I wished, so I decided to check out what was available with two bedrooms for busty London escorts who are at the top of their game. My flat had the one large bedroom, with the tiny single bedroom used as a study/dressing room. In fact it held some of my more salubrious outfits but no-one knew about them, except my cleaner when she decided to hang some of my dresses in the wrong wardrobe. I wrote down what I needed from my flat.

I needed two large bedrooms, an en-suite bathroom would be preferable, to be on the South side of Hyde Park and to be no further West than Hammersmith, and no further east than Mayfair. Chelsea and Knightsbridge would be too expensive. I was based on the Knightsbridge/Kensington border, but I needed to widen the search slightly. Privacy was essential and I didn’t want a ground floor flat, or a porter-managed apartment,; the latter for obvious reasons associated with my escorts business.

As I looked on various property websites, I realised I wouldn’t be able to get anything with this level of privacy. I knew Josh struggled with living in one room and having a shared kitchen and bathroom, but he could have his own ‘man cave’ if he wanted to chill out separately.

That night, over a couple of drinks in his local pub, I broached the subject. He looked at me with flushed cheeks. “Are you wanting to shack up with me?” I laughed and told him that as the most unromantic thing he had ever said. After an apology, which he laughed his way through, I explained what I wanted and asked him to think about what he wanted. Like me, he didn’t want a ground or lower-ground floor flat, but apart from that, he would let me give him a shortlist. “You have better teste and I need less than a ten-minute walk to a tube station please!”

When Josh divulged what he was paying for rent inclusive of bills and I almost gulped audibly. I paid more than twice that on rent alone, so I’d have to reign in the cost. “Well, I get a reduction at the moment on this because I know the landlord, but I do pay much more than you. If I find somewhere around the same price for you, but with more space, and me thrown in as an incentive, will that help?”

Josh looked at me with shining eyes. “I would love to live with you. Are you okay with me still keeping on the London escort work for another six months?” I nodded, and mentioned I needed to move in three months. “Well, my lease is due up around then, so I’ll ask around to see if anyone wants my room.”


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