Russian Escorts

Ooooh…. those resplendent, beauteous, forbearing creatures off God. Every time I think of women there are no other than Russian women comes to mind. Kings and Czars were falling to their knees to please these almost mythical creatures with exquisite looks and a desire to please.

There are endless stories of a seductive nature and alluring personality to which Russian woman simply born with. They know about it and are not afraid to show it.
Even though Russian women famous for their beauty, elegance and charm there are further tales to tell regarding the capability to take on long hours at work and the love for travel. Off course there is more picante world where Slavic women thrives, Russian escorts are world famous from London to Dubai.
Which takes me to my little story.

One of my usual choice is Sveta who normally works long hours a day, eight working as a lingerie model, and the rest of her day she is one of the many Russian Escorts in London. She always is my preferred choice when I am out to find a good time to moderate the hectic work schedule in London’s corporate world.

Few days ago I had not much to do and find myself in need for some company. I was hoping to get a Russian eacorts came over and jump in a Jacuzzi with me.
I was in luck Sveta arrived in no time, aaaaaaa, was as pretty as a picture. We both get naked…
We were in a Jacuzzi feeling the hot bubbles pummeling our skin. I could not wait any longer took a dive and explored Sveta in and out.

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