Assertive but compliant London chick

Maria was playing Adele’s ‘21’. I’d just bought her new album, ‘25’, it reminds me of the double life escorts in London lead, but this was at home and as yet still sealed. She skipped the CD forwards to “Turning Tables” which was one of my favourite tracks. She asked me to join her in front of the fire.

The atmosphere was electric. I was only wearing my bra and knickers, and she took in my cleavage. She still wore her shoes so she matched me in height. As our cheeks touched, I pressed my lips into her hair, so my hot breath would be a sign that I was already turned on. She kissed my cheek slowly as we moved. Then Maria asked if she could remove my bra so she could see my breasts, deep down inside she knew that Russian escorts seldom disappoint.

This was my chance. “Yes of course, but only on the condition you take off yours too and put your heels back on.”

Maria fixed me with a naughty look. “I like your assertiveness, and your honesty.” She looked at my full breasts and licked her lips suggestively.

I smiled, moved closer and kissed her full on the lips. “It’s the thought of our nipples touching that is turning me on.” At that, she stood back and watched me taking my bra off, as she slipped out of her clothes. Her breasts were high and pert, with small brown nipples. Her stomach was flat, but then her hips flared out and became quite round and feminine. She moved back towards me and we continued our dance.

As the fire warmed my back and my legs, it wasn’t long before we started to kiss, slowly and sensuously. Her lips were naturally red and full, and her tongue slowly touched the tip of mine, creating an electric shock down my spine. This was always the sign of good sex in my books. I placed my hands on her curved bottom as the kiss intensified. I knew it would not be long before she would want to sip her hands down into my knickers. The next track started and continued to dance as we kissed.

I wasn’t wrong. Maria’s lips touched my breath as I kneaded the swell of her cheeks. I waited for her to make the next move.

Whilst Maria saw me as assertive and honest London chick she was the one in control here. Let her take the lead and I’ll follow!


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