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London Can Be a Crazy Place

This was a third meeting with Declan, and after spending an hour with him in a bar, we headed back to his apartment, he told me he loved Russian escorts which was great for me and intended to live up to all his fantasies.. His first two meetings were straightforward, and there was nothing to suggest this encounter would be anything different. He was a swarthy-looking character, in his mid-fifties, with Mediterranean roots and an Irish accent; a confusing, but interesting combination. I had no idea what he did for a living, but I knew he had a fifteen-year old Aston Martin DB6, an apartment in Canary Wharf, and the most fabulous taste in minimalist furniture, being a fan of every well bred Russian girls favorite Conran and Philippe Starck.

We relaxed in front of the floor to ceiling window. Whilst not being directly overlooked by any other residential flats, there was an office block, on the same level, with a partial view of the lounge.
“Don’t you ever close those electric blinds then?”

Declan looked at me over the rim of his glass of Scotch. “Why do you ask?”

As I’m a private person, who loves blinds and curtains, and makes them for a living, to keep clients inner sanctums as private as possible, I fumbled for a reply.

“I just wondered that’s all, well London can be a crazy place, do you think you get watched?”

Declan smiled as he unzipped his jeans. He pulled them down so that he was fully-exposed, and sat back down. “Well, if anyone is working over there, and looking over, perhaps this will put them off. They shouldn’t be looking.”

I was taken by surprise, but there was an element of sexiness in the move. I felt my crotch warm up and then a shiver, as his hand moved down and Declan started to caress himself.

I looked across at the office building. There was a light on in one room, but that looked empty. I looked back at Declan. “I guess there is no harm in turning this into a slightly risqué game.”

Declan passed me the binoculars and asked me to take a second look. I took them and looked out. “Don’t worry, there’s no-one there.”

Declan smiled and I looked at hiss erection.

“Come slightly away from the window my little Russian girlfriend, take of your knickers and pull up your skirt. In that case, if anyone is looking, they’ll see what a shapely bottom you have, whilst I get the pleasure of looking at you touching yourself.”


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