I Will Be Discrete

I knew immediately he would want to continue working the ten hours or so for her, if it was lucrative enough. Sasha as with many Russian escorts had uber sharp business acumen watched me mulling over the proposition. “I know you’ll get a cut too, but he needs around the same pay. How many hours escorting per week have they suggested?”

Sasha sipped her coffee. “They want a luxury discreet service, so the on-call service will be from ten until eight, six days per week. However, they’ll be looking at using just over half of that time. I’d want Josh to carry on working on the Monday afternoon until 8; on the Tuesday and Wednesday morning/early afternoons. I’d pay a small on-call fee, travel expenses and commit to actual pay for ten hours too. It could be up to sixteen hours of escort assignments per week for him.”

I was sure he would do that. Sasha continued, “I’d work on the Monday mornings, pass over to Josh with a handover, work Friday afternoons and all day Saturday, and Joanna would cover the rest. I’ve mentioned it to her when she visited yesterday. There would be no more escort work. However, I am sure they would want to book escorts as part of the business, but I’d see if any of my Russian girls wanted to do that themselves first.” She had thought this through.

Sasha had a bank of four other girls at the moment. It made sense to step away, but still be involved. I was sure there was more to this than she was letting on, but I wasn’t going to probe this.

“There are eight of them with busy schedules. They have two Russian PAs to organise travel and accommodation for them and to do their minutes and transcriptions. It isn’t really an administrative job. All he’d have to do it to log-onto a new system I’m setting up, pick up the lists their PAs send over; be available to speak with them directly or their PAs if there are queries, buy things, drop things off, organise escorts, book dinner arrangements, and I’ll provide the mobile phone with internet access and a credit card with a large monthly limit.”

I thought Josh would do that if it didn’t interfere with his other job. Sasha would pick up with Josh on Monday afternoon for a quick handover and would leave update notes on the system. Joanna would be busy but she worked more hours as an escort, and I guess she could continue herself.

I was ready to go as I had an appointment in an hour. “When would this start?” Sasha smiled, “Well, I’m getting things set up, so I’d have the offer and terms ready next week and we’d start at the end of next month.”

That gave Josh five more weeks. I smiled at Sasha. “I think he would do it, but we haven’t had this conversation, right?”

Sasha replied, “I will be discrete, Emma.”


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