Feel My Orgasm

I put down the binoculars onto the side table next to Declan, and took off my knickers seductively. Declan’s eyes never left mine.

Then I walked two steps back towards the window and pulled my skirt up to my waist, revealing my neatly-trimmed mound. I pushed my ass backwards a little, so if anyone was looking, they could see how rounded it was and hopefully they’d get just as much of a thrill as I was receiving; the throbbing between my legs had started and when Russian escorts feeling the throbbing they need a good seeing to.

This was naughty, but I put my fingers between my legs and played a little. I watched Declan’s eyes glaze over a little and knew he needed to stop touching himself. “I’d stop playing if I were you. You need to save some of the action for me.”

I pulled my skirt higher, and readied myself for him. As I impaled myself, I heard him sigh. “I hope someone is watching; that gives me such a kick. The thought of being fucked by you, with someone watching you slide up and down me, well, I could just explode.”

I wouldn’t let him do that of course. That’s not my style. Instead I ordered him to bare my breasts. “Just think Declan, someone may be watching you suck on these babies.”
Declan almost ripped my blouse off as he followed my orders.
He unhooked my front-opening bra and hungrily feasted on me whilst I bounced on top of him. I had a feeling we were being watched, but who would it be at this time of night; a horny cleaner perhaps, probably thinking about getting home and taking his/her partner. The thought aroused me and as I moved to catch my bud against him, I could feel the heady sensation of my orgasm; sensational, heady and utterly fulfilling. I gasped and bucked, whilst Declan kept my skirt high. If anyone was watching, they would be able to see him pushing up inside.

As Declan came, he let out a low growl. It was time for me to go, but I curiously rose and looked across the road, to see a different light being switched off in one of the offices. I looked at Declan, who shrugged at me. “It could be a security guard.” Grabbing my knickers, Declan walked me to the door. “I’m glad it did something for you too Russian princess,” he smiled as he kissed my forehead.


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