Out With an Escort Enjoying a Sexy Vibe

I checked my cleavage was unbuttoned just enough to give Claus a tantalising view of the curve of my breasts. I knew he liked London escorts, girls with assets like me are his favourite. Over dinner, he was careful not to look at my figure too much. As a plastic surgeon, I’m sure he’s looked at countless female bodies, some in good shape, but others perhaps needing the titivation they were going under the knife for. At least, nothing of mine was plastic.

I’m 100% natural.

I guessed that was what had just crossed his mind.

As we held hands and walked to his favourite London club afterwards, he explained there was usually some naughtiness here, so I may see a few sights that may make me feel awkward. I wasn’t into S&M and explained that as long as I wasn’t expected to participate, (this was a 1-1 encounter), I wasn’t bothered about anything I viewed. It might even get me more into the mood for something more afterwards.

The club was full of red and black leather walls and seating, reminiscent of a client’s expensive sport car interior. It was a masculine place, full of bare-breasted hostesses, with heavy make-up and slicked back hair and a handful of London girls who I know are escorts I recognised . As I’m naturally bisexual, the sight of bare breasts turns me on, but I said nothing to Claus. We sat in a private corner, in a couple of club chairs, whilst the transparent glass bar stools next to us gave me an idea I would carry out shortly.

We sipped good champagne and chatted, whilst a largely-naked man asked if we had everything we needed. He wore a black leather loincloth and wore his hair cropped. Good-looking and in his late twenties, I thought he was really speaking to Claus, rather than me. We thanked him, but we were fine. As he turned, I noted his almost bare buttocks and smiled at Claus. I think I’d guessed he probably swung both ways.

Claus took my hand and asked me if I could undo another button of my red silk dress. It had buttons all down the front, so I obliged. This time he could see the top of my matching red lace bra, but he just looked at me, smiled and sat back, enjoying the view and the sexy vibe of the place. It was early, but soon it would burst into life and I found myself wondering, just what sights I would see.


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