Pearls for busty beauties

There are times when my schedule in London is manic. I spent two hours not doing escort stuff but working on a creating cushion covers I had promised my friend Anna. Then I had to post them and get back to shower and exfoliate my skin.

My next stop was to dash to the deli, as I had no food in whatsoever. Luckily it was a five-minute walk away from the apartment. Then I ate a late lunch before, heading off to get a spray tan which makes my ample breasts look even more appealing. This needed to settle for an hour or so, before I could even think about putting on my evening wear.

The hotel I was attending this evening was near to Heathrow airport. I had to be there by five-thirty. I had a taxi booked just before five, all paid for by my client, a wealthy businessman jetting in from Dubai. He had an afternoon meeting planned, followed by dinner and entertainment with myself, before jetting off to New York at seven the following morning. It would be a short, but pleasant, visit for him, and my requirement was to stay until twelve as his hired chauffeur would bring me home then.

These were the meetings I liked, but I still needed to do file and paint my nails, get dressed and ready for dinner. By four-thirty, I was ready and just applying the second coat of mascara. I looked at myself and realised I looked older than when I started in the escorting business. I still looked like a hot busty babe though and would for another ten years. My mum looked fabulous and she was nudging fifty.

My final touch was a very delicate pearl necklace which I had bought at auction last month. These were an investment and were “Blue Nile Premier Akoya” pearls, on a hand-knotted silk cord, with a white gold safety clasp, accented with three, small, pave-set diamonds. I had researched wisely and knew they were Japanese and their white to rosé hues would complement my complexion.

When I arrived my client complimented me on my outfit and eyed the pearls around my neck. “Unfortunately the sapphire pendant and necklace I bought for you, does not even compare to those beauties, my dear,” he whispered as he handed me a long, narrow box.


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