Londoners In The Game of Escorts

I would need to leave early in the morning to get to my parent’s home up in Buckinghamshire. Josh had left a message to let me know he would be back in the morning London escorts are all the same, he had got tied up with work, and it made sense to stay over at a friend’s house.

I rang him, but it went to voicemail. That was the first time he had done this and I would not see him now until when he finished the late shift with Sasha on Sunday night. It was ten past eleven. Whilst I wasn’t pleased, I knew there had been two nights where I’d stayed over with clients until the early hours, and had passed it off as being with friends. I could not complain about double standards hey lets face it we are all Londoners in the game of escorts

I decided to ring Joanna. She answered immediately. “Hi, I was planning to call you. Have you met with Sebastian yet?”

I told her briefly what had transpired. She chuckled. “I heard he was good in bed. Sasha told me a bit about him. He was a client of hers for a year after some stalker had spooked him off having a girlfriend. I think she got too close though.”

Joanna told me more about it and Sebastian had finished it when Sasha’s husband contacted him. “It almost split them up – that was when she went into setting up her own business. She is better as a Madam though. How is Josh handling her work?”

I explained he preferred it to being an escort. Joanna went quiet. “That is all he is doing, Emma. Didn’t you know? Josh told me you were cool about it. Have I said something I shouldn’t have?”

I told her he was quite distant at the moment, and with his other job, we only had one day where we did things together, and one evening together too. “I’ve pared down my escorting work because of it. I’m not unhappy with Josh doing it, but he told me something different, so just don’t say anything to him. Who is he servicing?”

Joanna coughed. “He gets two of the Russian oligarch’s wives whilst they are here, a daughter too, and a couple of the men who swing both ways. There may be a few threesomes too. Don’t be harsh. He says he is doing this so you can both buy somewhere together- is that right?”

I felt my eyes misting over. “I don’t trust Sasha – she lied to me about the role and now he is doing what he didn’t want to do.”

We soon ended the call. Joanna was trying to help, but I felt as flat as a pancake.


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