His favourite busty escort and the wife he adores so much

I have two very special clients who have never missed their monthly visit to me. Things first started out with Ed and then OMG the dream of all escorts in London, his beautiful wife Lena joined us, and I couldn’t have been more thankful. They both know just how to treat a girl and I make sure that I treat them equally as well.

I remember Lena’s first time joining me with her husband. She seemed a bit shy to begin with. However, she said she had only heard great things about me and thought it was time to meet the busty escort her husband couldn’t stop speaking about. At first she said she only wanted to watch. She wanted to see what I was doing to her husband and thus be able to see why he just always came home telling her about his wonderful experiences. I kept my eyes on her while tending to her husband’s needs. She’s a beautiful busty lady from an affluent London family with very powerful political connections and she has lovely full natural breasts that are just succulent and delicious. When she couldn’t restrain herself anymore, she pulled me away from her husband and allowed me to properly introduce myself to her. I took the opportunity to explore each and every inch of her body, places that I knew she just needed to be touched. The way in which she accepted my embrace turned me on so badly and her husband watched us with wide eyes his favourite escort and the wife he adores so much. I could tell that he was ecstatic about the way in which I was pleasing his wife, and being the generous guy he is, he didn’t dare interrupt her pleasure. Once our session was over, they wanted more and thus, I ended up spending the night at their place in London’s Connaught Square satisfying them both and having them both satisfy me.

Every month when their time rolls around, I’m filled with excitement and I always prepare something special for them.

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