A day at the Sauna with London Escort Becky

Every girl likes to be pampered, and even if I wasn’t working for the finest London escorts agency, I would still certainly treat myself to a massage or facial at a nice spa now and again. I think I must have mentioned this to George on our first date, as he had suggested I enjoyed a few hours at a very luxurious spa he knew in the capital, as a gift from him. So along I went and I was immediately very impressed by just how beautiful the inside of this spa was, and also by how many different services and treats they could provide (much like myself!).

After a couple of hours of rest and relaxation I decided to enjoy a sauna. I walked in wrapped in my towel and was surprised to see that there was no one in there before me. Come to think of it, the whole spa had been very quiet all day and I largely had it to myself. As a London escort you come to expect a surprise now and again, but I was not expecting George to walk into the sauna with just his own towel for company. As he came in he gave me a cheeky smile and said hello, before turning around and locking the sauna door behind him. I will leave it to your imagination what happened in the sauna that day, but suffice to say we worked up a sweat in more than one way.

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