Agency babes dream of the big day too

Ever since I was a little girl, I had always dreamt of wearing a big white dress, like the one Cinderella wore to the ball. I know that I’m young and that I’ve got a lot of time to find Mr. Right in London. However, this doesn’t mean that an escort can’t dream. Last weekend, my friends from the agency and I decided to hit a bridal store in the west end for a bit of fooling around. We laughed and giggled, smiled and joked as one by one, we got all dolled up in the most extravagant wedding dresses. But there was one that stuck out to me more than anything else and this dress was a little less Cinderella and a lot more Lilia. With an opening in the back that stopped slightly above my but, there was more skin to be seen than one would expect from you regular wedding dress. The front of the dress was a beautiful lace and my breasts looked plumper than ever tucked into it. That moment, I fell in love for the first time. There was no way that I was walking out of the bridal shop without that dress being mine. It didn’t matter if I had to stick it to the back of my closet or pull it out for a photo shoot, I just had to have it. All my friends thought I was exceptionally crazy for purchasing a dress that I had no use for.

With my new dress tucked in a bag and clutched under my arm, I rode the elevator down to the lobby area. Just outside the door was the most amazingly gorgeous man I’d ever seen, with a body to match. I noticed that he was checking me out but brushed it off, thinking that he was already taken. However, as I strode past him, he brushed his hand against my arm, attracting my attention.
‘Congratulations,’ he smiled.
I giggled, assuring him that I wasn’t getting married. At this point, he informed me that he was the owner of the bridal shop. We talked for a while longer up until the point where he invited me to dinner. I accepted and later that night shared the company of this beautiful night. Our time together, however, didn’t end at the restaurant. We made our way back to my place where I made sure to take him to my bedroom for a bit of showing off and in the fashion of true a scarlet woman a lot of naughtiness.

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