Our secret lives as escorts

I was in a restaurant with my mother a place frequented by a quite a few London escort girls to my knowledge. As it was Monday night, I’m trying not to think about what Josh is doing right now. He’ll be screwing a woman as part of his job, and whilst I’m not jealous, I just could not be, I know that he’ll ring me at midnight, when he’s home, and looking forward for a quick conversation to let me know he’s home, safe and sound. I like the fact he does that.

This is now the third Monday since we got together in that hotel room and we are off to Milan later in the week. My mum wants to compare him to Vlad, but I can’t do that, to myself, Josh or Vlad, but she has asked so many questions about him. Eventually I relented. I grabbed my iPhone and searched through various photos until I found the three selfies we took yesterday, all wrapped, as we wandered in London’s Covent Garden, mooching around the shops, taking in a few drinks not a hint of our secret lives as escorts. When I mentioned he’d only left me at four today, she was surprised.

“So, are you two taking precautions then?” She asked as she finished her soup. I didn’t want a lecture, but mentioned the fact we were both grown up and able to have consensual sex when we pleased. She wrinkled her nose at that comment. We were just finishing up, when I had a text message. Josh had finished earlier than planned and if we were still out, could he meet with us? It was just after ten-thirty, but I thought this would let my mum decide what she wanted to decide. She knew he worked in the theatre, so that was his story; he’d been working there.

Fifteen minutes later, we’d moved to a bar across the road, and I’d ordered a beer for him as we chatted. He sauntered in looking very dashing, in a suit and tie, and I could see female heads turn at his entrance. My mum actually blushed. “Oh Emma, he is so delicious!” At that, I rolled my eyes, and Josh leant down to give me a kiss and whispered in my ear, “I missed you so much tonight.”

He greeted my mum with a kiss on each cheek, and she pulled the nearest chair close so he could sit down next to her. For the next two hours, she clamped her arm on top of his, and I did all I could not to giggle out aloud.


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