His passion was rising

The only noise I could hear was the crackling of the candle flame, the breathing and slight moans as I lay on the bed with Johann. This would be his last visit here for some time.

The West London hotel escorts friendly and not at all noisy, given the location in Kensington. One of the large, non-descript chains, which do not have a room bar unless you request one. I prefer the classier hotels, but this also allowed me to be anonymous. With a dark brown, curly, shoulder-length wig, a pair of flat pumps, cropped trousers, satin top, matching bag, and a plain silk jacket, I was hiding my identity. I had stridden across the lobby and into the lift without a second glance.

Johann was definitely in the mood. We drank wine whilst he played his violin. He was animated and I could sense his passion was about to spill over. For such a young musician, he showed a rare talent. I was roused in the way I normally am when I hear live music. There was sadness in the tune, but he played an uplifting finish to change the atmosphere. Afterwards, he passed the violin over to me.

“Please do take a look. You have long, slim fingers – you should give it a try, but careful not to drop it; it is a family heirloom.” I noted the deep woodgrain, and stroked the gloss of the wood. Johann watched me and liked how I was stroking it. His erection was evident in his khaki trousers.

I’d undressed him. He was stocky and muscular; probably only a couple of inches taller than I, but full of life. I liked him on a personal level. He told stories about his travels. I think he could have had a girl or an escort in every city he visited from some of the tales.

Once naked, the candle added drama. It made shadows of our naked bodies on the walls. We looked as though we were fighting as we grappled on the bed. His passion was rising, but then he slowed it right down. “I don’t want this to be over in seconds. Please take off the wig. I can see stands of fair hair underneath.”

I did as I was asked and shook out my hair. “You are a vision of loveliness,” Johann exclaimed, as I straddled him on the bed. “You suit the lighter colour, because it makes you even more seductive.” I smiled as I lowered my lips to his chest.


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