Together as lovers

Promises are meant to be kept and so, when I promised Derrick that I’d reward him with a night he’d never forget, I had all intentions of keeping it. We had only been dating for a couple of weeks and though we’d spent almost every night with each other, I insisted that we held off on the intimacy for a while. I wanted to ensure that our relationship would be more than just a fling. Needless to say, he stuck around and took advantage of all of my other charming ways. We did dinners in London and trips to Paris. We enjoyed nights filled with laughter and mornings filled with adventure. However, after weeks of not being able to taste the perfection that I knew he had to offer, I was getting a bit needy.

I called Derrick up and asked him if he was ready to sample his beautiful Dorota. Of course, he was overjoyed. The pressure was on. I needed to get everything just right. Being a seasoned escort who has revived the spice in the life of many CEO’s in London, I know just what it takes to leave a man with all the satisfaction needed to remember me forever. However, this was different. I needed everything to be perfect. I had to make sure that my first time with Derrick was special. The first course of action was to get my apartment ready for our encounter. I’d bought lots of candles and a bottle of delicious wine. I’d weeded through my lingerie drawer and found the perfect garments to tease him with.

When he showed up that night, he was left in awe. He’d never imagined that I would have put that much effort into making everything as perfect as it was. In my perfectly candlelit apartment, we sipped on our wine, gazing at each other and awaiting what was to come. Two glasses later, I couldn’t seem to keep my eyes or my hands off Derrick and it was time to make our way to the bedroom. Slowly, I removed each article of clothing until I was left standing in my seductive lingerie and a pair of sexy heels. He made his way toward me, wrapped his arms around me and tossed me on the bed. That night, I know we woke the neighbors and possibly everyone in our community. Memorable doesn’t even begin to describe our first time together as lovers. And of course, since then, we’ve had many more nights with just as much passion.

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