A chip off the old block

Lucas met me at the Thai restaurant on the high street near my flat. He had blonde curly hair, a nervous smile and his accent was clearly South-West London, plummy but not too deep.


I never asked about his story as we tucked into Thai fishcakes with a sweet chilli sauce. I never ate large meals when I was booked for business as the thought of love-making on a full stomach turned me off. So this was my starter and I’d ordered the Tempura prawn starter, on an escorts diet that’s, a bed of salad, as my main course. This was washed down with a cold beer.


Lucas, on the other hand, tucked into an ice-cream dessert and then we had coffee. During this time, I’d worked out he worked as a solicitor in the family business. I clicked that I had met his father one time, during a one-off meeting. He’d had the same curly, blonde hair, with greying temples, and the only difference was the twenty years or so age gap.


Of course, it would be hugely impolite and a breach of client confidentiality to mention this to Lucas, and also the fact his father was keen on naughty nurse games.


I listened to Lucas who talked about his general life in London and the fact he had split with his girlfriend recently and wanted a no-hassle arrangement for a few months hence why he had been seeing escorts. As we’d only talked about one meeting, I was surprised to hear him talking about a play he wanted to see the following week. He checked if I wanted to go along with him.


In his flat, which was only two streets away from mine, Lucas was horny, to the point he was struggling to control himself. He was particular and wanted no kissing on his face, only from the neck down. I didn’t mind being told what was off-limits at all. Luckily he was satisfied with another session and then smoked a cigarette afterwards; lying on the bed as naked as the day he was born.


I almost giggled when he asked. “Do you like to dress up at all?” I explained that I had outfits in the wardrobe and he could pick one out if he wanted. Lucas was definitely a chip off the old block!



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