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I love every moment of being an escort

A relaxing vacation on a secluded beach in Australia with the a great man, it’s really something that makes me know that I love every moment of being an escort. It’s not merely about the things that I’m offered, like the vacations or the gifts, but really about the people I get to meet and those special men who come into my life with one intention, to make me happy.

We have great conversations, each day is filled with laughter and fun and we both just can never get enough of each other. This sweet escape in Australia was much overdue. Don’t get me wrong, I love London and being part of the escorts fraternity. I love the fashion and the people and my gorgeous apartment, but every once in a while, I need some time away, just to regroup. So here we are, out on the beach after taking on the waves and having an immense amount of fun. My nice round ass being kissed by the sun, and then, out of nowhere, my wonderful guy, gently places his hand upon it and starts to massage. He then climbs on top and starts rubbing away at my shoulders and it felt so good, no, it felt absolutely great. When he made his way back down to my ass, I felt him wiggle around and then slip his way into my vagina, every so delicately. Now, not only was I being massaged from the outside, but from the inside as well. With each grip of my ass, he brought it closer, to his pelvis, and abruptly jammed it into me so that I could get a good, hard feel of him. Slowly walking toward us was the lady who was responsible for maintaining the property and I was startled to see that after recognizing what was going on, she just kept walking toward us anyway. She stood in front of me, undressed herself, and my mouth dropped as her beautiful breasts stared back at me. ‘Would you like to feel them, madam?’ She seating herself beside me. Who was I to say no? I can’t begin to explain how great this lady’s breasts felt. The three of us, had some of the most appetizing sex on the beach that day. I don’t know if she knew what she was in for, but I guess they have escorts down under too, because she definitely worked like a pro.

About the author:
At 23yr Aris is an accomplished blogger and part-time London escort to men who prefer their women on the busty side.

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