Ex-client Vlad the Russian

I had a few busy days, doing everything but getting involved in my work with the Russian escorts firm that I’m signed up with. Sasha my ex-Madam was pregnant again. “I can’t believe it. I think I only had sex about eight times and I’m pregnant again.”

I smiled. “Well, at least you know your family will be complete within six months. You can organise a more permanent form of protection then. ” She asked me how I was and I explained that I was well and happy. Then she dropped a question, I knew she would. “Do you see anything of your ex-client, Vlad, the Russian?”

She didn’t have to ask that, I would have known Vlad by just his name. “I haven’t seen him in London for around three months, but bumped into him at that party you sent me to with those Russian escorts from that new firm. I guess you know we dated for a few months.”

Sasha nodded, “He told me about it. He was serious about you, but told me you’d met someone else. Vlad is not someone to upset, or mess around with, you know. How is your new relationship going?”

Sasha had no idea I was seeing Josh, one of her part-time escorts, who was doing the job to pay back money his late dad had owed. Josh was planning to leave in three months anyway, but had not yet told Sasha. I had not realised that this conversation would be connected to some of the other current happenings in my life until much later.

“I need you to help out if you can. I only need you for the Friday and Saturday bookings, as Gemma will help out for the rest of the time. It will be the last time I ask, as I have no plans to give birth a third time.”

I was curious. Josh did the bookings for her for a few days per week, but I could hardly ask her about him, could I? Instead, I sipped the Spritzer I had ordered and took out my iPhone. “So, you are looking at when exactly?” I needed to know well in advance.

As I checked the dates, I realised three weekends coincided with current client bookings, and another weekend coincided with a trip abroad carrying out a lingerie assignment. “Look, I can help out for the last two months only. The first two are already booked up with London dates. Sorry!”

That’s what happens when you are as good as I am; you get bookings five months in advance. It plays havoc with trying to be flexible with clients, but that’s just how it rolls.


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