Vlads special escort

I had booked a table at a little place, not a usual haunt for London escort girls. The restaurant had an acoustic set planned for Vlad’s birthday. He liked the Spanish guitar, but this sounded similar. I had bought the cd and a card and wrapped everything up. I mentioned it was for a thirty-fourth birthday, so could we have an intimate table and a bottle of champagne at the ready.

I guess I can be romantic when the mood takes me. I have never felt the need to be romantic, so I guess my feelings had developed further than I’d thought. I know Vlad is protective of me and I now appreciate that. Whilst the sex is good and getting better, to be totally honest, he likes to cuddle and just to be in the same room. I wasn’t used to that type of intimacy, most of the guys I see in west London only want my body not my mind but, he did this gradually, until I realised it just happened. I wondered if this was a conscious move of his. Perhaps I should talk about what is happening. I was still horribly embarrassed by the fact he’d heard me tell my mum I didn’t think he’d settle for someone like me. There was also the fact, my mum really did fancy Vlad too and that thought was unsavoury, to say the least, next she’ll want to follow me on escort dates.

I dressed for an evening encounter. I was going to the watch the ballet, ‘Romeo and Juliet’, and I was excited about this. I wondered if the music and storyline would rouse me in ways I needed to be roused for the encounter. I dressed carefully, in a knee-length silk dress, suede boots and velvet jacket. It was dressy, but not staid. My client would also be wearing a velvet jacket, so I wanted to match him. I would wear a brown wig for this encounter, as I always did, and spectacles.

Once I was ready, I did not recognise myself. I looked older by about seven or eight years. My client was almost fifty and owned half of Brussels rental housing stock. He was serious, even in the bedroom, but he was kind and interesting to talk to. Our paths certainly would not have met otherwise.


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