Another happy client

Amala was one of my clients. She was Hindu and her first contact with me was through another client, Lizzie. She was also a teacher, but she was extremely private about her life. I got the impression that she wasn’t happy with her sex life and had come to me to be satisfied in a slightly different way from how her husband satisfied her; that was if he did satisfy her.

So many clients have issues with sex. I could not believe how the lack of communication about needs and wants explained many break-ups, or the lack of a healthy, decent sex life.

I had already decided I was going to bag Josh, the guy I had met in the London Tulip bar. Now that I was no longer working as one of Sasha escorts, I felt I could be more discreet about how I handled my own business.

Amala was receptive and told me exactly what she liked. She came quickly. She had a lovely figure and even after the birth of two children, her body was trim and without lines or stretch marks. I stroked her afterwards to relax her even further.

She lay back and puffed away on a menthol cigarette. “You and this cigarette are my indulgences. I only smoke when I am with you. As that only happens once a quarter, I only smoke eight cigarettes in a year.” She laughed and her brown eyes looked happy.

Her hour was over so she quickly showered again, to dispel any traces of my smell or cigarette on her. I had placed her clothes in my wardrobe and she took out the hanger and turned to me.

Her eyes were wide in surprise. She had noticed the various sex toys positioned on the shelves. I explained that the next time she was over we could explore some of these, but only if she felt comfortable.

She giggled and picked up a dildo, then a vibrator with various stimulators attached. She wanted to explore herself as far as possible and looked happy that I was willing to do this. I could not help but to give her a hug before she left. All in an hour of work!


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