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Having to Downsize on Naughty Clothing

It was a bright morning and I had been up at six as the London light streamed through the curtains escorts are not know for being early risers but I’m the exception. I needed to make new blinds for our new flat, as we would be moving in three weeks. The blackout ones had looked drab, and given my skills, I could make new ones when we moved.

I drank coffee and looked at Josh’s list of things he was bringing with him. He had a sofa, bed, bedside cabinet and hifi system in a cabinet, plus his personal effects. We were working out where everything was going, and it made sense his furniture could take up the smallest bedroom, as the spare room for guests to stay in when they visited. His large sofa could be used in the lounge, whilst my sofa-bed could fit in the second bedroom, which coupled up as office space and my work area. I was aiming to build up my soft furnishings business, but for the time being, I needed to downsize on the naughtier clothing, and sex toys I hadn’t used over a year. Fads do change, but I decided to ask the other escorts if they wanted the clothing, whilst some toys would be thrown out for hygiene reasons, whilst the others could be passed on too. I was still keeping my two large double wardrobes full of clothes, and the rest of my naughty wear would be located in my lockable chest, which I had turned into a bedroom table, with a lovely runner, a vase and various family photos on the top.

We had built-in wardrobes for everything else, and as I designed what was going where, I created a colour-coded scheme so things would be placed into the right rooms. This was an exciting change for us both. I loved the fact we had a gorgeous roof terrace which was private a real bonus in London. I had the tiny patio table and two chairs which had never really been used. They had been stuck in the storage room at the top of the stairs. They would be outside immediately as the weather warmed up! As for the move itself, Josh had booked a Luton van from a friend. It would be plenty big enough for everything!

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