London girl Roxy shares a secret with Joe

I don’t know what in the world I would do without my friend Joe. Late night phone calls and early morning coffee, he’s an escorts dream BF the, person who when I call on him, he’ll be there. However, even with all this, I never dreamt of the day that our relationship would change. But like all things in life, change was applied to our relationship and I honestly can’t say that it was an unwelcomed change. Joe always had this deep interest in my occupation. Being an escort definitely is an intriguing job and Joe would always ask me questions about my assignments in London, but I’d never tell. I told him that my clients were my friends too and like a good friend, I keep my secrets to myself. This wasn’t really the part of my job that he was interested in, as I came to learn. Instead, Joe had a deep want to find out what skills and tricks I had up my sleeve. So, one night, he worked up the courage to ask me ‘what is it that you do differently than other girls?’ This question surely took me by surprise and it’s one that I was more than interested in offering an answer to. In order for me to give him an answer, I’d have to do a bit more than talking, so I got to action.

I leaned into him and in my sexiest voice, I said, ‘so Joe, what is it that you like to do?’ His entire face turned redder than red and it seemed as though he was entirely speechless because not a single word escaped him. ‘Cat’s got your tongue, I see,’ I said into his ear applying a bit of teeth just to get him even more excited. His hand slowly drifted up, touching my back before quickly being removed. It seemed as though he wasn’t sure whether or not he was allowed to touch. ‘Tonight, I’m all yours,’ I said, assuring him that it was okay to do anything he wanted. I then moved his hand up, under my shirt, placing it on my chest, moments later Joe got a full understanding of why I’m the woman who the men in London just can’t resist.

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