Just Run But Naked

I walked down the tree-lined road. I was aware of the freshness of the breeze, probably the coolest it had felt on the curves of my busty escort figure for several weeks. I had just visited Richard who was a recluse. Severely disfigured, he only ventured out at night, and never wanted any skin grafts as a tribute to the love he had lost in the same explosion.

He’d seemed happier that it was getting darker in the evening. “I like to stroll around at night-time. My walks will start earlier, in the twilight and I’ll still be able to pick up the scent of flowers before they close overnight.”

I hadn’t thought about that. I sat back in the high chair, completely naked, swinging my leg back and forth. “I guess this time of year is liberating for you.” Richard lay face down on the bed, trying to work out if I was going to give him a peek of my hidden depths. My ample bosom was on show but I kept my legs crossed. The wine was lovely. “That particular wine is about £60 a bottle, but I still have fourteen bottles left, so I’m happy to drink them. The rest in my cellar are over £100 each.”

I sipped a little slower to let the floral bouquet linger in the air. I asked Richard if he ever wanted to feel the sun on his skin. He nodded. “The garden is private and sometimes I just want to run butt-naked, but I daren’t.” Hearing his deep voice say the words – ’butt-naked’- made me smile. It was unfamiliar, but nicely familiar too.

My face lit up. “Let’s go outside and we can sleep together in private, but that would feel just a little too naughty, wouldn’t it?”

I stood up and stood with one knee bent slightly. Richard gazed at me and told me I should be made of marble. I laughed. “Come on, Richard. No-one will know and you can hardly make love to a marble statue can you even if it’s of one of the sexiest busty escorts in the city?”

Richard’s eyes twinkled. “I think there is enough energy in me to do the dee once more.” He rose and grabbed a dressing gown. “Have one too,” he gestured. “We can take it off outside, but there is no blind on the hallway window, so we would be reported for obscenity!”

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