Perfect chemistry

His smell, was the first thing that attracted me to him and as he pulled me into him, I couldn’t help but to breath him all in. I buried my head into his chest and inhaled, long and hard. Being a small escort, my head rested perfectly against his heart and I could hear as its beat quickened. He also felt the intensity of our meeting. Simon knew what was to be expected when he was in my company. After all, this wasn’t the first time he had requested me as his escort when he was on a stopover in London and it definitely would not be his last. I’d missed him so much since the last time we were together, two weeks ago and so I was overjoyed to receive his call. After our long and passion filled embrace, he pulled me back, holding me at arm’s length and examining me from top to bottom with his eyes. ‘There’s no other woman in this world like you’, he said to me. Though it’s something that I heard often, because I surely know how to drive a man wild, coming from him, it felt different.

He lowered his hands and wrapped them firmly around my waist before hoisting me into the air. My tiny frame was no match for his strong arms and as a result, he swept me off my feet with no hesitation. I wrapped my legs around him and stared deep into his eyes. The look in them was so intense that I knew it wouldn’t be long before he tossed me onto the bed and had his way with me. I held his gaze for a few more seconds before slightly tracing his mouth with my tongue. This made him even more excited and he pulled me even closer and engaged me in a kiss so powerful that I knew he meant business. ‘Let’s take this too the bedroom, shall we,’ he said before charging off with me still in his arms. He swung the door open, tossed me on the bed and proceeded to remove his clothes and the mine. That night, he and I enjoyed being out of the spotlight in London and behind closed doors, showing each other just how much fun can be had when the right degree of chemistry exists between two people. You can guarantee that he and I definitely had the chemistry needed for a great time.

About the author:
Born in Italy, petite London escort Paige loves living in London and on her nights off she can be found partying the night away at some of the most exclusive nightclubs in the capital.

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