Melissa 34DD all Natural Busty Escort in London

Whether you’re a local or just dropping by, South Kensington will always offer so much more than exclusive boutiques and Michelin star restuarants. Melissa is an especially worthwhile reason to stop off in South Kensington – as busty escorts in London go, she is one the most voluptuous.

Aged 21, Melissa is five foot six and spectacularly curvy. Her 34DD all natural bust would never grace a catwalk but that’s because the only people you catch strutting ridiculously down those are skinny little girls. Melissa is 100% woman – oozing in style, sophistication, personality and sexual energy. Amongst Melissa’s trademark features are her alluring smile and her long, beautifully flowing blonde hair.

A woman to whet the appetite of the more demanding male visitors, Melissa will introduce you to the finer side of life in Central London. Whether that’s the restaurants serving delicious international cuisine or sampling the tantalizingly mouth-watering cocktails in cosmopolitan bars, Melissa simply adores making her guests feel at home.

But as well as making you feel at home doing the ‘touristy’ things, Melissa also relishes in describing herself using adjectives such as ‘naughty’ or ‘wicked’ – the latter in the traditional sense of the word!

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