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I Have Slept with Males and Females

The starter had been yummy, but the speciality dinner was really delicious an escort girls favourite. I was so stuffed once I’d finished, Mike had even sampled some. “I’m not a huge fan of lobster, but that does look pretty scrumptious.” He closed his eyes as he ate OMG he looked so horny just then, I wanted him be inside me. All I wanted to do was to go to him and absorb his manhood with my tight box, but you could hardly do that in a crowded place, without creating attention. I tried his veal dish in return but I always find veal quite rich. I even don’t eat lamb that often, unless it is a kofta or in a curry, for that very same reason

Instead, I did something I thought I would never do. “Sometimes I get insecure. I know we both have pasts. When Signor Sassi greeted you warmly, I thought you came here much more often than that. I guess the thought of you entertaining your clients here just threw me for a few moments, that’s all.”

Our coffees had arrived and I could see Mike looked quite emotional. Usually not very much got to him. “They were friends; that’s all! My dad used to eat here with me, so I guess he remembered me from then He quite often conducted business meetings here too. I’ve been here with a group a couple of times too, but never just with a woman, until now. Perhaps he thought I might be gay. I don’t know. But you’ve just told me something I hadn’t picked up on. You don’t have any reason at all to be insecure. I don’t see any woman coming anywhere near as close to you.”

I sipped my wine as it was my turn to feel tears pricking. Sometimes, you just have to be honest. However, there was one thing I could not tell him. That I had clients with whom I slept with, both male and female and sometimes several in the same encounter, and I still did the odd job for Sasha, my ex-Madam from the London escorts agency even though they were only one or two every few months. I had to keep all of that a secret.


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