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The issue of whether or not prostitution and associated activities are legal in a country is always a contentious one. In the UK, prostitution and escorting is legal, which is why incall escorts in London working for a London escort service can work freely. However, activities such as public solicitation, pimping, curb crawling and owning or managing a brothel are illegal. It is this last activity which often has the most complex arguments for and against.

There is a suggestion that if brothels were legal in the UK that there would be less sexual crime both towards the women working in the brothels, and in general. One country in which brothels are legal is Germany. Germany has long been home to some of the highest numbers of brothels in Europe, and in 2002 the German government introduced new legislation to legalise prostitution and try and help protect prostitutes by giving them the right to standard employment contracts.

The idea behind this was to help protect prostitutes, however, the general consensus is that this legalisation of brothels and prostitution has simply lead to greater influence from criminal gangs, including trafficking and forced prostitution. It is for this exact reason that brothels are not legal in the UK, as they are seen as an opportunity for unscrupulous criminals to trap women into prostitution and commit associated violent acts. It is also believed that most London escort girls favour this situation.

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