Feast on me

I met James last week for the first time. Apart from having a fabulous time at the races, the only other notable recollection was a brief touch of his lips on mine. I was expecting rather more!

This time, we were going to the theatre, preceded by a light dinner. I had the impression his lean physique was due to the fact he was extremely careful about what he ate. As a member of London’s professional escorts class I was particular too. If I ate out it was always the lightest option on the menu.

James was full of smiles when I got into his chauffeur-driven car. He held my hand and told me I was gorgeous. It was a term I heard at least ten times per week, but I thanked him and smiled back. At the same time, I moved and managed to hitch my skirt up slightly so he could see the cream lace garter on my thigh.

Immediately the atmosphere changed. He slowly touched the garter and told me he had fantasized about me during the week. Then he asked if he could kiss me and I nodded. His kiss held just enough promise of a post-dinner sexual marathon. The play was actually quite absorbing and we just held hands throughout. James then fingered the garter and caressed my thigh carefully on the way back to my flat.

James explained he had a flight the next day, but did not elaborate. He had to leave at three and his sexy green eyes showed need as I let him inside. I asked him if he wanted a drink, to which he replied, “I would rather feast on you,” causing a shiver of excitement course down my spine. I took my coat off and turned around as he pulled me to him and started to kiss me. Before I knew it, we were tearing each other’s clothes off, and he was walking me backwards into the bedroom as his hands wandered all over my body.

After a couple of hours of hot love-making James leant on his elbows as he watched me dry myself after my shower. He grinned again as I dropped the towel and let him look at my flushed body. He beckoned me closer and I knew he was ready for his next bout, before the clock timed three and his chauffeur arrived to whisk him away!

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