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My mum’s voice wobbled when she spoke she, reminded me of one of the new agency escorts on a first date, she looked directly at Vlad. “So, are you staying here in the UK, or, are you planning to go back?”

Vlad looked at me carefully. “I’m staying here for now. Anyway, I came round to ask if we could go out to lunch. I mean the three of us, would you like that?”

My mum shook her head. “I have to catch my train at three-forty. In fact, Emma was going to book me a cab, weren’t you?”

Vlad looked at his watch. “Well, let’s grab lunch and I’ll save you the hassle and will drop you off outside the station. Paddington isn’t it?”

As I picked up my cardigan, my mum smiled at Vlad. “Thank you Vlad.”

This was getting worse. I wondered if Vlad would blow my cover at all. If my mum ever found out I was an escort, my life would change in ways I could not even think about.

We ended up on a rather posh burger restaurant, which also served soups and a good range of salads. My mum didn’t want a heavy meal whilst she was going to be travelling on a train. We chatted and I realised she was actually flirting slightly. I knew Vlad had noticed this, but he was keeping a straight face. When my mum asked if he was ever mistaken for Daniel Craig, he started to laugh.

“I think I’ve had six requests for autographs when I’ve been at the airport. I look younger though, don’t I?” His blue eyes twinkled and I smiled gosh he was such the perfect client and lover for a London cutie wanting to leave the escorts life and settle down with a real hot guy.

“Actually, you look like he was in Casino Royale.” He looked at my mum almost shyly, until I told them to behave themselves.

Well at least she’d had a good time. She can go to lunch with him by herself the next time he comes around unannounced. That was never part of the deal.

After lunch, we dropped mum off with twenty minutes to spare. I hugged her and Vlad kissed her on both cheeks.

“I like her,” he said, as he hopped back in the car, “she doesn’t look that much older than you.” I chided him for that comment and wondered what he was up to, as we drove back down Park Lane, past the luxurious hotels and towards Hyde Park Corner. I wondered what people thought of us as they looked into this car. Did we look like a good-looking, young, wealthy couple?

In the car, I was quiet. The sexual tension between us hung in the air. If it could make a noise it would sound like the electricity zipping down a tube track. Eventually, Vlad looked at me and spoke softly, “Come to mine, Emma.”

I looked at Vlad and nodded.


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