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Serena was one of the nouveau-riche and a regular client of high end london escorts. She was born into a Chinese business family and had studied in the UK, but her parents were trying to marry her off, and unsuccessfully at that. As a lesbian, Serena looked feminine with long hair, with a purple hue. She needed someone ultra-glamorous to accompany her to a party, and I didn’t have to be Chinese, or male.

The party to which I had to grace with my presence was at a £15 million townhouse in London’s Mayfair, arranged over five floors, of which I was only allowed on the first two floors. That added to the intrigue. I wore a Valentino gown and cape and I checked out my reflection as I waited. Serena was picking me up and dropping me off; she didn’t drink.

She was as gorgeous as I had seen in the photo she sent over. I introduced myself, and immediately she thought my voice was very posh for an escort, and giggled. In the car, she flirted with me and I flirted back. I liked her sense of fun.

In the house, there must have been around a hundred people, all in their late twenties. Serena ushered me into a room, where she undressed and asked me to do so, too.

I could not believe her mound was purple to match her hair, but as I placed my tongue on her inner thighs, I noticed it was a purple flower, under her hair. The penny dropped; it was a tattoo. “Pity I can’t see it, Serena. What does it stand for?”

She sighed as I kissed her thigh, and parted her. The heat from my breath was intentional.

“The lotus flower represents purity of body, mind, and spirit. The petals symbolises the Eightfold Path, a core tenet of the Buddhist religion. It suggests a mystic view of spirituality and sexuality. I am pure as I’ve never slept with a man” only, female escorts have taken me!

I had not realised, so I was careful as I touched her. She was tight inside and as soon as I met her G-spot, she moaned. I could feel her body relax and tense in equal measure. Soon she was bucking up into my face and making small whimpering noises.

A few minutes later, she sat up. “That was nice, thank you.”

I replied cheekily. “You’ll feel more sensation if I shave you. Then I can see your tattoo in more detail.”

She laughed, “Okay, but you must lick me gain, so I can tell the difference.” This was going to be fun.


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