Sans knickers escort

As Lucas talked about girls who I knew were, secretly clerical staff moonlighting as escorts in London I watched the bulge rise even further; entrapped in his jeans. I reached forwards and shot Lucas a questioning look, but he was now focused on what his manager had to say. That wasn’t going to stop me. I put both hands on his erection and rubbed him carefully, feeling his hardness move slightly under the denim. I was getting rather hot too.

How long did Lucas have left? Possibly around five minutes, so I stood up and away from him. I pulled up my tweed skirt and showed him my sheer knickers. I turned around slowly and pushed my bottom out at him. Then I stroked my legs, my bottom and started to slowly pull my knickers down to reveal my bare buttocks; what man can resist a knickers less hot escort.

This was becoming very horny. I loved the feeling of being in total control. Lucas was powerless. If he did anything at all, it would be to reach out and touch me, but he couldn’t even do that; I was stood too far away from him and that was on purpose.

My knickers were now around my knees. I loved how this felt, but I wasn’t going to let him have it all his way. For now, I let my skirt fall down over my bottom, and pulled my knickers off suggestively striking a pose more associated with the scarlet ladies who use to ply their trade in the back alleys of 18th century London.

I was now completely “sans knickers” and Lucas was completely powerless. I wondered how he’d react when he rang off. I knew he was passionate and sexually-demanding, and I was sure his curious hands would soon be reaching up and under my skirt.

So, I picked up a pencil from the table and went back to reading his book. I dare not look his way, as the conversation was obviously an important discussion. I placed my legs over the side of the chair, so he could get a good view of my thighs, but nothing else. Then I pretended to absent-mindedly rub my breasts with the end of the pencil.

I turned another page, and was still flicking away at my nipples when Lucas discussed the date of the next call and ended the call. I looked up and smiled, as Lucas watched me put the end of the pencil into my mouth and start to lick the end with the tip of my tongue. I noticed he was already starting to unbuckle the belt to his jeans.


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