He Expertly Removed My Underwear

I felt apprehensive as David took off his shoes, socks, and then walked to the bathroom, without a word. I heard him shower and knew then he would go ahead with the sex after all men don’t call a London agency for nothing. My secret places started to warm up again.

I took off my dress and sat there in my stockings, suspender belt, bra and knickers. These were items I had been given from my lingerie shoot in Morocco. They were classy and I hoped I would meet the briefest of briefs he had given.

“I want a classy look – designer clothes and underwear.” That was what he’d said, he liked his escorts looking unique.

I felt my stomach tense up as he walked out with just a towel. His bulging pectorals and strong upper arm muscles caught my gaze and I realised how handsome Davis looked without his glasses.

I put my head down for a second, looking at my breasts. David had been feeding off my apprehension, but I realised there was something unspoken between us. I was so attracted to him that I felt my palms clam up. I stood up and walked towards him, pulled off the towel and kissed him passionately more like a lover rather than an escort agency client. He swept me up in his arms and carried me onto the bed, where he quickly and expertly removed my underwear. His hands made me tremble and as soon as I was naked, he looked down at me with a smile. “I so damned want you.”

“Then take me!” I whispered as his eyes locked onto mine. We didn’t have much time left, but I wanted to ensure he was satisfied. I could feel my orgasm building as we writhed on the bed and I held his chest muscles tightly, in both hands, as I came, feeling his nipples harden as he climaxed. David felt too good in my arms as he collapsed. I stroked his hair and stopped when I realised what I was actually doing. That felt too intimate a gesture for someone who I hadn’t met before.

David nuzzled my neck briefly, got up without looking at me, and headed off to the bathroom to dispose of his protection. I checked my watch and realised his time was up. I dressed and waited.

When he came out, he apologised, but I dare not look into his eyes. “I know you need to go. Thank you.” That was all he said. I knew I didn’t want to meet David again. I didn’t want to have to look into those eyes, feel drawn in and so emotionally connected.


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