The reaction from my nipple

I shuddered as my release shook me to the core. Perspiration covered my delicate skin from my face to the backs of my knees, and trickled down my leg.

I looked up into the eyes of Marco, my gorgeous regular from the agency, with his dark curls and honed physique. I loved how he made me feel. There are some clients who you just want to do the deed with and walk away, but others, such as Marco, all escorts in their right mind would want to spend a whole weekend with. He slowly and carefully pulled out of me and got up to shower, not before depositing a kiss on my navel. I noted that his tan marks meant he’d only worn the briefest of briefs and I asked him about his trip to Mauritius.

He threw me his phone and asked me to scan through the photos. I soon realised this was a family holiday. He’d taken his mother and sister with him for ten days away from London. “I don’t spend enough time with them,” he explained as he smiled and dropped beside me, with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Droplets of water fell from his hair onto my breast and he took advantage of that. He licked them off slowly, whilst watching me with those dark, fathomless eyes.

I watched him and then watched the reaction from my nipple, which peaked under his tongue.

“You are so pretty. I had hoped you’d accompany me to Prague for a weekend. I have friends who run a club there, and don’t worry it’s not a seedy club for local call girls”

I looked at him in surprise. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. “I would need notice as I am very busy in the run-up to Christmas,” I warned.

He smiled and placed his mouth back on my nipple, using his tongue to get a reaction from me. I could feel that slow throb start again and I knew he was being serious about the Prague trip. I could see it in his eyes. I reached and pulled his towel off. “Okay, let me know then. Just for two nights though and it has to be Friday and Saturday.”

Then I moved down his body and marvelled at the view in front of me. This was one hot guy!


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