Enjoys the skills that I possess

My boyfriend called when he landed back in London to say that he wasn’t feeling well and I had just the thing to cheer him right up. My sexy little red dress something that every escort worth her salt should have tucked away in the closet for such emergencies and mine hadn’t been put to good use in quite some time and this was the perfect occasion to get it out of my closet and onto my sexy body.

I’m always amazed at how wonderfully it emphasizes my ass and how it never fails to show off my perfect natural breasts. Paired with a pair of high heels, there was no way that Eric wouldn’t start to feel better the minute he saw me. I headed out the door, into a cab and on my way to his apartment in south east London. I filled with excitement as I imagined the look he would have on his face. Finally, we were there and I practically ran up all the stairs to get to him. ‘Knock, knock’, went my knuckles on the door and within a few seconds, the love of my life was standing in front of me, wide eyed and bushy tailed. He didn’t look sick at all and this made me wonder whether or not he had been faking it all along. ‘Melly,’ he said, ‘I was definitely hoping you’d show up dressed like this but I didn’t imagine you’d look this spectacular.’ Though we have been together for a few years, Eric never seems to get bored of looking at me and he never seemed to have gotten used to how attractive I am. I guess this is one of the things that keeps the spark in our relationship. He also loves the fact that I’m the preferred lady of the evening for other men in the capital because each time we’re together, I have a new trick to show off to him and you can bet that he thoroughly enjoys the skills I possess.

I went inside and patted him on the head, telling him to go and lay down so that I could take care of him. While he headed back to his bedroom, I searched his refrigerator for some whipped cream (his medicine), which I administered to him in a very creative fashion. He sapped away as though it would really restore him back to good health and as he did so, my body contorted, my toes curled and I got just what I came to him for.

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