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Pressed against my buttocks

I awoke to the sound of Vlad breathing deeply beside me. The restaurant and private club we’d attended were top class. I could easily get used to free champagne, and it didn’t matter that I was British, as every nationality seemed to be present in the small, elite club.

When we returned, Vlad drank a glass of water and headed off to bed. There was no sex this time, and he wanted to cuddle. “What’s the use of staying in bed when this beautiful city is waiting to be explored?”

I crept in closer and cuddled in close. I recalled what he’d said to me over the meal and how he phrased it. Basically, we both were not angels, him a ruthless businessman and me one of the busiest escorts on the London circuit but, we were good people. He wasn’t involved with gangs or violence, and for that, I was reassured. He did imply that he didn’t want Sasha at the agency to know about this trip, or the fact that we were seeing each other. It was nothing to do with her, although she was, in essence, the person who had drawn us both together again. I gathered he wanted to ask about my private business and the type of clientele I work with, but he stopped himself. All I could offer was that I only invited six regular clients to my place; four men and two women. The rest I met with them, and whilst I wasn’t working with Sasha, I only worked three afternoons/nights per week. That was true and I would not lie to him, especially as my mum would be staying on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for the foreseeable future. I could not handle more than that.

I could feel Vlad’s hand cup my breast and I turned so we spooned. His erection pressed against my buttocks, and I moved against him. He was awake now and I reached for the condom, as he moved between my legs. I could hear him put it on, and he carefully opened me. We could still hear people walking up and down outside, laughing and talking. He was so slow with me; taking his time, whilst kissing my neck and reaching round to fondle me.

Then he laid me face down in a starfish shape and lay down on top of me, continuing this slow, sexy screw. I could feel him grow as he did so, and he was really starting to turn me on. His hand moved lower and lower and combined with his screwing action, I could feel myself building and building up to a fabulous climax. That reminded me of what he said about his ex-fiancée. “She used to fake her responses with me.” Well, I didn’t, and let myself go with the flow.


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