A busty escort and a Maybach Limo

I’ve always loved my big boobs and that’s why I love my job as a busty escort in London. Some men prefer smaller girls but I can’t see the attraction really. If you want a sexy woman, they have to have it going on up top!  My dates always spend most of the time either playing with my big boobs or simply looking at them as they get rather excited. I’m lucky enough to go on some incredible dates and the company is always a lot of fun. Only last week I was out with Steve and he always knows which buttons to push, in and out of the bedroom!  He picked me up at six-thirty and we were cruising around the West End in his luxurious Maybach Limousine. After a particularly steamy session in the spacious back seats, we popped into his 5 star hotel to refresh and change into our evening wear.

I asked Steve about our next activity and he just smiled and ushered me towards the elevator. I had a little nap in the car as we sped towards an unknown destination. When we pulled up outside another top London hotel I was getting pretty horny again. When we knocked on the door of the Penthouse level, can you imagine my surprise when a famous music producer opened the door? We were shown into the huge room and I realised that we had arrived at the after party for the X factor finals! There were stars everywhere and we had a fantastic evening. It ended in the main bedroom where Steve did an impression of Simon Cowell as I gave him a happy ending he would never forget!

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