Taken on The Chaise Longue

I waited in the packed club entrance, where I was meeting my client. Make way escorts in London coming through; I thought as I was allowed in past a waiting queue of would-be party goers, who watched as I sashayed past with my head held high. I didn’t have to look round; I just knew they were looking.

As I entered the club, I was looking forward to a few good glasses of Vintage champagne. The client was in a private area and I was taken through a secure area into a room with mirrored windows.

I wore a long, black wig, darker make-up than usual and green-coloured contact lenses, so that none of the London revellers would recognise me. I asked what was behind the mirrored glass and the host explained my client wanted to watch me with his girlfriend before he joined in. I felt sure there were other people watching, but I didn’t care. No-one knew who I was.

I undressed to my sexy, black and red underwear, and sat in my black stilettos on a red velvet chaise-longue, with a glass of champagne and waited.

Soon, a tall, black, slim girl walked through the door and into the small room. She was gorgeous and would be very popular had she joined the ranks of the escorts in London. She was naked except for a black thong and she knelt down in front of me without a word, unclasped my bra and let my breasts fall into her palms. She rubbed my cherry-red nipples until they were erect and between my legs I twitched in anticipation. I looked up briefly at the mirrored glass and could imagine various states of arousal behind it. As for the show, I carefully touched her pert, small breasts and took her by the hand to the chaise longue.

She sat down and I leant forward to suck her small brown nipples, whilst my hand moved slowly up and down her chocolate-brown, smooth thighs. I pulled my knickers down to my mid-thigh, and opened my legs slightly, so the hidden observers could see my sex as I pushed my bare bottom in the air.

I could smell the arousal of this pretty girl, so I kissed her mound slowly, before pulling down the side strings of her thong. I told her to lie back, and place her leg up onto the side of the chaise longue, so that her boyfriend could see the act. I moved to one side but took off my knickers completely. This show would now continue and I hoped the observers were enjoying the display.

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